• Ego, greed, jealousy, stubbornness, pride, insecurity, double standards and fear of death causes society to be corrupt to the core.
  • It's money most do it for the money get some extra cash by tipping things in someones favor. A good example is why do celeberties get off on such high charges with basiclly a warning. Remember when one of them shoplifted alot of clothes that were pricy and didn't go to jail, I think I just know most normal people would go to jail or prison not just get community service
  • Mainly because its organised in such a way that being corrupt is an easier route to power, influence and money than being moral. A simple example is the relative expense of buying ethical products such as fair trade coffee and ethically produced clothes versus those produced in sweatshops by workers paid a pittance. Many of the major banks invest in the arms trade, helping to supply arms to horrific conflicts in Africa, because there's a lot of money in it. Not much money in tree re-planting schemes. I got a leaflet the other day about "ethical investments" it said straight-up "We cannot promise you huge returns. Investment with us is unlikely to make you rich.". So because corruption pays, essentially.
  • Sin entered into the world, which lead to society's corruption.
  • Why do you say society is corrupt? Its too general and abstract. Who is corrupt? Exactly in what ways are they corrupt? Society is an infinitely complex web of relationships and interactions among humans. It is neither all good nor all bad in and of itself. Certainly there is corruption in our actions sometimes. But there is also great generosity and creativity, love, community, and accomplishment. No one characteristic or category can capture the whole picture.
  • society is vruppet because their is a small thing called sin that grew and grew and eventually life became so cruppet the point of what it is know

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