• the worst punishment my mother gave me and my sister was back when i was 7 or 8 and my mom dropped me and my sister off on the corner near the police station in the cold and dark and she left us there and drove off
  • Being pushed through a window was probably pretty bad, though there were others.
  • i never listened So nothing. If my mom told me i was grounded i just left anyway. She couldnt really stop me. i didnt care. What a brat i was. Sheesh. I woulda knocked me out! lol
  • The belt. My parents were old school, and i totally agree with the punishment as long as it wasn't excessive. No one likes the belt, so I actually think that it makes you not want to do bad things because of the fear of getting it.
  • Hitting me with 'the belt'.
  • I was poisened a couple times ,stabbed several times, and many broken bones.But when my mother poisoned and stabbed me it wasn't a punishment.she was trying to kill me.She was very mentally ill. I forgave her and still love her.May she rest in peace.
  • I had to go out and "pick a switch". If the switch wasn't good enough, then my mom would go and pick one.
  • My mum beated be me often very badly. But the worst thing was a punishment not to go out for 3 days from my sea cottage. i was locked bihing the door and in front of that door was my lovely beach, fool of my friends... i could hear then laugh, go swimming, planning the evening... That was the worst prison.
  • molestation
  • To deny me a stable, loving, secure home environment shared by each of them.
  • Getting angry over small things.
  • My dad threatening to call the cops when I took some money from Moms purse........It worked because I did'nt take any more money.........maybe just a few ones.
  • Stealing/robbing my chance of being a mom
  • My mom was extra mad at me because I wouldn't put away my toys (I had three out) and she threw me to the floor. And then she stepped on my stomach, putting her full weight into that one foot. I was only 5 years old. It robbed me of my breath. She'd used to strangle my neck (a la Homer Simpson) before, but that time felt much worse. I was just a little child.
  • besides being beaten by anything, worst one was not half as painful lol! They made my brother, sister and i cut the grass with a pair of nail clippers.
  • Grounding me from my best friend for a month
  • I was grounded once for like 2 months. It wasn't one thing that I did, I just kept getting in to trouble..... That's actually kind of funny when I think about it.
  • its not really me but my dad. his mom and dad were drunks and when he was 7 his dad would pick him up from school and tell him to drive because he was too drunk so he was sick and tired of them so he ran away from home lived in one of those cement water flow things and he grew up and got a masters degree in math and computers and he is a math teacher now. this all took place in california near diney land. true story and i think my dad for not treating me the same
  • kissing my brother
  • For me, it was simply seeing the disappointment on their faces when I did wrong. I HATED that.
  • I got caught drinking at 15. For 6 months. Only go to school after football practice I had 15 minutes to get home. No leaving house, ever! No one could visit, not even kin. Family when to CA and Disney, I stayed at home with sitter guard. Not even church, nowhere, period, 6 months. Also had my hair cut off, like the Army. No hunting, fishing,playing, NOTHING FOR 6 MONTHS. It must have worked I eventually became an alcoholic.
  • The worst thing that I had to do was write 1000 lines of something like, "I will not lie to my parents ever again." (could be print) The very worst punishment was the one my baby sitter gave me (and my parents agreed was a suitable punishment) write 1000 lines "I will not leave the house without telling Chris." She was the baby sitter. In cursive, my hand really really cramped all week because I was used to writing print. And then when we weren't at the babysitters me and my brother weren't able to do anything at home until we were done with the lines (and we weren't allowed to take it home). And when me and my brother would have to do this we would not be able to do ANYTHING else until it was done. My parents did spank us, but I think that writing the lines was the worse punishment, after a while I got used to the spankings. Usually it was for fighting with my brother.
  • From my father- marrying my stepmother was a punishment to me. From my stepmother- always siding with her daughter against me, making me do her chores, and various and numerous punishments, which more often than not I did not deserve. She whipped me with a belt many times and often made me do humiliating things, sometimes just for her and her daughter's amusement.
  • Definately when my grandpa would lock me in my room and turn the light off. I was so terrified and I would scream but he wouldn't let me out. I was afraid of the dark for years after that.

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