• Because history is often built on cultural myths, and Tesla would've taken the patriotic glory out of Edison.
    • Roaring
      Well put and sadly true.
    • mushroom
      He was also a prima donna unwilling to delay his grand vision for commercial production in the present.
  • I just finished a school research paper on him, and I was surprised at all that he has done that isn't widely known. Read into the "Legacy" portion on this link and you might be amazed!
  • Tesla came along when Edison was already a national institution in the US. Much of their work was competitive. And Tesla had a rather combative personality that did not help him. I agree that he was an overlooked genius.
  • I agree that Tesla is too overlooked. I live in Colorado Springs, so we know about him but I had never heard of him before I moved here. What a shame.
  • Most inventors go overlooked, not just him. You have to be just like everyone else and a tiny notch up on them for them to "get you" or it'll go over their head, sometimes for centuries. The guy that descovered America died in prison (for making it up), the one who discovered FM radio committed suicide, the telephone inventor died poor and the one who said that the sun was at the center of the galaxy was locked up by the Church (who apparently knew better). I'd like to remember the inventor of the water powered car engine who was killed. These are only a few examples..
  • Because of pompous Thomas Edison, the man who electrocuted an elephant, trying to convince the world that Tesla's AC current was too dangerous to use. Of course, Edision's own DC current was just as dangerous but he didn't acknowledge that. Both men were great inventors but Tesla was a true scientific genius.
  • Tesla was destroyed by the big energy & oil cartels because of his inventions were not the best for their (cartels) business. My 2 cents.
  • he was able to sweep bugs off and obtain privacy
  • Because he was a Serb by nationality,remember that.... And also he discover free energy ... But he was stoped by other evil forses that earned money on energy..... it was allways about the money..... if he did that today we were allready on Mars or Europa.. think and read what did Nikola Tesla in his secret experiments.
  • 1-22-2017 Tesla was a lousy peddler. The world does not really care much for inventors. Peddlers get the money and the fame.
  • 7-9-2017 Ideas are like butts: everybody has one. The world really needs peddlers, not inventors.
  • Our culture values money over intelligence. Tesla had an amazing mind but he was overshadowed by Edison and his massive multi million dollar corporation.

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