• Yes, unfortunately.
  • Yeah he does - that thing at the end about Carrying that weight, is dead wieght. And the stars disapearing and all that JAZZ
  • Dang-that's what I thought, but my denial wouldn't let me accept it.
  • Umm, yeah, it'd be much less good if it turned out he didn't. Also, I know its an older series now, and people tend to get smart alecky when you don't ask the question in the subject, but still, it is a spoiler. Just sayin'.
  • Bang.....
  • well i am not sure what to believe ,, but really i wish he didnt die,, hope he was just real tired after such a great battle with the red dragons.
  • I've heard from a friend that he goes on to live, but personally as a HUGE fan of the series, I like it better if Spike dies. It makes everything more meaningful and emotional. It's close to perfect
  • Well, since it is never confirmed that he did die (say, via funeral or something) and the fact that there are more than enough people around to save him, and the movie (which has to happen beforehand) shows that they have the capabilities to save him (what with the nano-tech and whatnot), as well as the fact that he 'died' the first time and survived, would mean that he could have survived in all practical intents and purposes. I believe he lived, because they never confirmed his death. This is one of the most ambiguous endings to an anime ever, and it is unclear whether or not he actually died, and evidence can support that he died (such as the shaman and severe wound), while other evidence supports him living (no confirmation of death; he did kill Vicious, which would make him the new leader of the Red Dragon; Faye gives him a reason to live right before he leaves, which tends to help him). So, the real answer is, we should ask Hajime Yatate.
  • Its a big call to say this is the most ambiguous ending to an anime ever, I mean come on, have you ever seen Neaon Genesis Evangelion? It defines the term "WTF???" at its conclusion.
  • I watched that episode last night. He looked pretty dead to me. And the song "Blue" with the camera panning up to the sky and then space made me think his soul was departing. Check the lyrics:
  • I just watced it yesterday. Totaly one of the best endings. I HOPE he didn't die, but I really don't know, and that's the best of it. I'm sure the people who wrote the plot sure wanted that. Bang.
  • The show is much like the 1953 picture "Shane" the movie leaves you to fill in the details. But unlike Shane, Spike is surrounded by members of the Red Dragon as he points his finger and says, "Bang." and then collapses. I seriously doubt any of them made an effort to save him. Some claim the full length movie says otherwise, but I have viewed it several times and nowhere does this express a time line. Other than the girl known as Ed is either no longer living with her father or we must assume this entire event to be prior to his death. Unfortunately when people tell good stories they can never finish every little detail or we would have those stupid little mini bios at the end how each character did in life.
  • Yes, I believe he does. I think it's terrible what Fox intends to do with cowboy bebop, you know, turn it into a ridiculous movie like they did with Dragon Ball.

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