• A year and a half ago I had a serious roach problem in my apartment. So, I closed the windows, set off four bug bombs inside of it, closed and locked the door, and then left for a month with my parents. Since I got back from that trip I have seen only the occasional cockroach. The bait traps that I set out seem to be keeping them in check.
  • I got divorced and was forced to live in a massive infested apartment it wasnt the big roaches they were smaller ones but you know the saying...if ya have one there are billions more ya cant see,So what I did is buy ant and roach killer formula left all the lights on where they were most active and put the formula on plastic spoons under the cabinets the light on,, forces them to the edges of your cabinets(underneath where the lip is on the floor) It was about 1 week and they were all gone the exterminator didnt help at all..all they brought was some powder they put under my fridge. Make sure you keep all pets well secured if you set plastic spoons on the floor.
  • Take away their food source !
  • I agree with Glenn B. The foggers work well but use with caution. We used this method when we moved into an apartment that turned out to be infested and it was the only thing that finnaly got 'em all.
  • I got rid of roaches. Seems like every where we move, and we have lived in very nice and clean areas but I guess nasty people lived there before us. My kids said mom, why did the roaches follow us. THAT WAS IT!!!! I called terminex $422 for four visits, are you serious. The wonderful woman next door with 7 dogs had them coming 2 times a week for a few months (I thought it was for termites, they told me otherwise). What did I do!!!!! I cleaned up!!! and kept it clean...... (so instead of seeing 150 roaches a day of all sizes, I saw 100. I bought combat gel, combat baits, raid baits, Harris Famous Roach Tablets, Diatomacious Earth, and Some pesticide that cost me about $75 dollars and I apply it outside every 3 months. (I found that the roaches were coming from next door). I first put out the baits (waited 3 weeks), So instead of seeing 100 live roaches a day I saw 80. HUH, not enough gone. So I got the combat gel, put it all around the house, I got to know the roaches and where they like to hang out. On my bookshelf, counter tops, by my stove, refrigerator, and in my bathrooms. So I put this out and instead of seeing 80 live roaches I started seeing 10 baby roaches, who I figured their mom died, and they were now immune to the gel. My clean counter tops were then dusted with D.E., I put the HRTablets in all cabinets, under and the side of the refrigerator, Under and behind the stove and in my draw with my spoons and forks, basically anywhere where their was a shadow. I also put the DE in all of the bottoms of my cabinets kitchen and bathrooms. I also put tablets in these areas as well as gel. The whole thing is you much check to see what they are eatting, you can tell with everything but the DE. They are going to indulge in something. Once I did this the babies literally die within seconds from the DE, I watched several die in the matter of about 30 seconds. Amazing stuff. The Tablets seem to eat away from their insides out. I went from seeing 10 babies a day to seeing one every week if I saw them at all. Mind you I have yet to use the barrier because it is cold. I will use it when the weather breaks and use if faithfully until I am sure their gone for ever. I also used DE on my door sill and windows. I dusted wall to wall floors in my living room, bathroom, stairs, kitchen, I looks dirty yes but the results if you leave it are endless. Also you kinda have to leave the dead roaches who die from the gel dead around for about a week (trust me I know it is gross) but they are not social creatures. I just swept the dead ones in the corner and of course the other roaches feed on dead or injured roaches and then them selves die from the poison. They said one roach kills up to 45 additional roaches, at my rate I needed that extra kill. All in all it worked. I am rounding off the dollars I spent: Roach gel - $ 10 Harris Roach Tablets - $ 25 Diatomacious Earth - $50 Baits (combat and raid) $25 Professional Pesticide - $ 75 ( Haven't used it yet) ROACHES GONE ---- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Popular insecticidal dusts include Diatomaceous earth and boric acid (Borax). Diatomaceous earth kills roaches by damaging their exoskeletons and then dehydrating them through the wounds. Boric acid works by poisoning them. Of the two, boric acid is the most effective because it does not repel roaches, they do not develop resistance to it, and it will last for as long as it is kept dry. The downside is that it can take up to 10 days to begin working whereas diatomaceous earth begins working immediately after application. When applying dusts, be careful to keep them out of the air. source:
  • a match and gasoline.

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