• My word. And a father too. It would be even better if they were both committed to the child.
  • unless they're carried to term in a test tube or petre dish doesn't every kid have a mother?
  • Yes, it is a very important part of childhood. Could you imagine not having one? I couldn't.
  • Yes!!!! Plus a Father. To bad not all kids have them both together in childhood tho. But for those who do. They should be thankful for having a loving family. With a Mother & Father who cared.....................M.C.S.
  • Yes every kid needs a mother. They need a whole family, in fact.
  • Well i dont have any of the 2.My dad left me when i was 2 and my mom was remarried when i was 5 and went to shit from there.I would love to have my mom back but she took my step dads side and has hated me ever since so i dont have anyone anymore.
  • Everyone has a mother....Unfortunately, not every one has parents. I think a child needs a good parent or if at all possible a pair of good parents that nurture and protect the child and teach it right from wrong. I've seen too many MOTHERS get custody of their kids in court simply due to their chromosomes and the out dated belief that even a bad mother is better than no mother. I don't believe that is the case. Many children (of which one I personally knew) died because of this theory.
  • I have a horrible mother... I don't even consider her a mother sometimes... She beats me and my sister down... Telling us that we are worthless... And hates the fact that we are doing better than she did in her life... I feel that I could live without my mother... I have a wonderful father that has always been there for me and my sister... He has always encouraged us and let us know that what our mother says isn't true... He has helped us a whole lot... And that's why we have succeeded in life...
  • I believe every child needs two loving parents, preferably who are in a stable relationship. Those parents can be two men, two women or one of each. I also believe a child should have both positive male and female influences in their life, so if for some reason a child has only a father (or two fathers), they should have a close adult female family friend or family member. Same goes with having a mother (or two mothers)... there should be positive male influences in the form of friends or family.
  • and a father, and in a perfet world a brother and sister.
  • To be born..yes..other than that..Not necessarily..depends on the type of mother..sometimes it would be better to not had one.
  • Yes, and a father. Preferably, their biological ones.
  • no. not particulary... but they do need a wonderful guiding figure in their life... mother or father. my best mates mother died when she was young and her father did a wonderful job of bringing them up.
  • i think that every kid needs a mother figure, such as an aunt or sister in there life.
  • Every kid has a mother.
  • I think children need both parents but if that not possible then I think that who ever they have will love them just as much.

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