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  • I would almost say thats a little bit of a fetish. I mean,y wife's teeth are not perfect, but I love her for her, not for her imperfect teeth!
  • Yes, I guess I feel that perfect teeth are not real or have been cosmetically corrected. My lower teeth are vey crooked.
  • Attracted to imperfect teeth!? How odd. No, I've never been attracted to a tooth...
  • I guess I don't know what perfect teeth are so who's to say someone is attracted to teeth? Who says that a cute little gap between your front teeth is imperfect and not just a sweet variation? I love the space between my husband's teeth but I wouldn't call them imperfect. Wouldn't call them perfect either. They are just his teeth.
  • Heck, I'M attracted to imperfect teeth! I don't know why, but I find a bit of delicate chipping unspeakably sexy. For real. I figure it takes all types to fill a freeway. No matter WHAT you look like, somebody out there is going to be attracted to it.
  • Nothing is perfect, so I don't know what perfect teeth are.
  • I don't think I have ever been attracted to teeth at all. Crooked or straight its all the same to me as long as they brush regularly. Now bad breath, ewwwwwwwww.
  • Teeth are a major thing with me. They dont have to be perfect but they do have to be attractive. If I can take care of my grill so can you.
  • not attracted to it but something's got to give.
  • People are attracted to imperfect people :)
  • They don't have to be perfectly straight, but I'm not a fan of insanely crooked teeth.
  • A person's teeth make no difference to me. As long as they aren't rotting out of thier heads, and they brush regularly.
  • I love imperfect fact, there has been a guy on Big Brother (Australia) called Nate, and he has the sexiest teeth I've ever seen.
  • More to a person then just teeth..p.s. Yes, i have good straight teeth
  • I'd appreciate a straight set of teeth, but just as long as they're not totally jacked up, and discolored, I'm okay with them.
  • some crooked teeth are really cute
  • Basically, everything about you make up your character. If you have a crooked nose, lopsided ears, crooked teeth and freckles, THAT'S FINE! Be happy with who you are on the outside and worry about what's on the inside. People who fall in love with an imperfect face can be sadly dissapointed when they find that that's as deep as the beaty lies. BUT, your inner beliefs and personality are what ultimately make you beautiful. When someone REALLY falls in love with you, they love your every imperfection and wouldn't want you any other way. If crooked teeth are part of your character then learn to love them! If you don't, your inner shame will weaken your smile and a weak smile is FAR LESS attractive that crooked teeth. Keep On Smilin'!
  • Someone I would consider incredibly sexy with imperfect teeth is the singer "Jewel." Don't get me wrong !! She does not have bad teeth in any way, but they aren't perfectly straight. Even so, she has an INCREDIBLY sexy face and smile ! It's just of of the things that makes her unique !!
  • Yeah I had this boyfriend once with a tiny gap in between 2 of his teeth on the side. I loved that gap.
  • There are people attracted to serial killers.. go figure.
  • Meh, whatever works for people.
  • Um...not exactly. Although mine are slightly crooked so I don't have any room to judge.
  • I'm not attracted to teeth, the personality means more than the teeth do.
  • I spend way too much time thinking about teeth because I have had braces/retainers/some other form of dental work for over 10 years now, and it's still ongoing. I spend a lot of time looking at them in the mirror trying to figure out which way they would look better. I think teeth are very important because they're part of your face, and a very important part too, given that your mouth is what you talk out of. They affect your speech, your expressions, and to some extent, your personality (I think). I find that teeth that are too perfect don't look like they belong in a face. Sometimes crooked teeth just look bad, but I find that when they fit well with someone's face or that person has just incorporated them into their personality, they can actually enhance rather than detract. I hope all that made sense.
  • Sorry to post again, but I just remembered someone I fancied a lot who had a gap between his front teeth. Maybe he would have been more attractive with perfect teeth, but I can't imagine him without it. Plus, if he had perfect teeth, he probably would have been just out of my range. x)
  • I like the look of gap teeth, one missing tooth, or random silver teeth. I am going to black out a tooth for my halloween costume this year because I think it looks good!
  • Everyone has something that flips their switch I suppose. I find myself attracted to men with large slightly rough hands. Far be it from me to judge haha
  • lol..i don't know, i'm not..
  • Imperfect teeth give character. Lately, especially in my country where we have a good health system (though unfortunately that's going down), it's totally normal for kids/teenagers/even-some-adults to get braces so they get a perfect set of teeth. The thing is, they are all straight and all look alike. I find that pretty boring.

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