• I think there's a restaurant manager who's going to get a stern letter from the legal dept. at corporate headquarters.
  • I hope that it was done in ignorance, and will be redressed. If the manager is just that much of an idiot, then he should be fired- in the least! On the other hand, I've heard similar cases where the person really didn't need the guide dog- just brought it in to push buttons. If that's the case, good job to the manager! Guide dogs, and those who need them, shouldn't be mocked by those who don't need them. Do you have a link to a news article about this?
  • I am not totally against the restaurants decisions. I do recognize that it is illegal, but I think the ADA goes too far in many respects, and is particularly open to abuse. As for this specific case, the disabled person was certainly legitimately disabled, and she should be reasonably accommodated. However, the restaurant took into consideration that she had people there to assist her. Moreover, a dog (even if it is a guide dog) poses certain health issues. For example, many people are allergic to dogs.

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