• WOOH CANADA! :) but then again... I'm Canadian... =D
  • w000000000000000000000000t AMERICA!!!! W0000000000000000000000000000000000t
  • AMERICA! F*** YEAH!!! but this is biased because i live here and have for most of my whole life. if billary gets elected, however, i will be changing my opinion and moving to canada
  • Whenever I have visited Canada, I have been impressed by the its physical beauty, its friendly people and the cosmopolitan character of its cities. OTOH, I've never had to pay taxes (other than sales tax) in Canada, nor have I had to survive a Canadian winter. If I could somehow turn Los Angeles into Vancouver, that would be the best of both worlds.
  • America!
  • You fight it out amongst yourselves, I will stay out of it!
  • Canada better because I live here, although I have nothing against USA, as in the country it self.
  • America because a lot of our goods are cheaper and Canadians always come down here and stalk up on cigarrettes, cereal, pop, just to name a few. I work at a grocery store so that's why I know this. GO AMERICA! BTW, I have nothing against Canadians this is just my opinion.
  • I was born canadian have lived in the U.S. for 43 years served in the U.S.A.F. and am going to move back to Cananda. The U.S. is on a major meltdown.
  • PEACE FROM CANADA!! But, enjoy visiting the U.S.A
  • Did you all know that you can become both American and Canadian citizens, although it is easier for Americans to become Canadian, and harder for Canadians to become Americans...go figure? Dual citizenship.
  • Well since I live in America I will have to say America.
  • I've lived in both countries for long enough to see the similarities and differences with a little more clarity than the ridiculous rhetoric you'll find on both sides of the border about the other side. I'm extremely torn. I love both countries deeply: the people, the history, the music, the natural beauty. Though I have enjoyed roaming the American roads and meeting incredible people for many years, as I find myself looking to settle down, I yearn for the comforts of Canada. Who knows where I'll end up? Though when I finally get the stake together to start my business, unless the US passes some kind of public health option, I think I'll be forced to return to Canada.
  • I have lived in Ontario Canada and have visited in at least 5 of the Provinces and 1 territory. I was born and raised in the USA. I have been in 44 of the 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. Both countries have good points and bad points about them. If I had to make a choice it would be difficult but in the long run I would probably pick S. W. Ontario Canada over all.
  • The United States of America. :-)
  • Even if I had been in both countries I would not be able to judge I think. Who am I to judge?
  • I am American and I do love this country, but Canada seems to have it together a bit better. I feel their health policies are so much better. Here in this country, we deal with lots of greed and the ones that are in need never get help like they should. There is a lack of common sense in our government, or should I say care? This country should have no issues with poverty, especially with as much money that is here. No person should be without food, housing or health insurance. These problems happen in very poor countries!
  • Believe me, there are only two differences between them.Booze and sex.I know, it sounds meaningless but really both countries are pretty much developed and have economic affluences.So lets overview them in booze and sex. 1-In USA, you must be at least 21 to drink and buy booze.In Canada, 18 or 19 is the legal age depending on the state. 2-Canada has a sodomy law, the age of consent is 14-16 but you can't have anal sex before 18 if you're not married.In USA, the age of consent in 31 states is 16 and there are no sodomy laws, so you can have anal sex at 16 also. Now, you choose which country is better.
  • If by "America" you means the USA, I have to say that Canada is for me by far one of the best countries in the world. Canada is home!
  • I live in Canada, and in Canada people have a hard time getting ahead, that is, they have a hard time getting rich here. There is a lot of red tape to doing business, taxes are high, and the cost of living sucks. The Canadian government likes to keep it that way, so no one really gets ahead of the other substantially. My cousins in the United States seem to be able to make $ quicker, faster, and a lot more of it too, even though they have the same education and roughly the same kind of jobs as I do. And they keep the money in their pockets better too. But if I had to choose one to raise my children in, I'd choose Canada, because I've been to the States many times, and I just think Canada provides a less crowded, cleaner, and egalitarian environment for them. It's less cluttered here, and it's not as crazy. The States has too many extremes. It's more stable in Canada. We also have free health care.
  • I live in America, but I see the Canadians as my borhters and sisters. We not only share a continent, but a common language and history. + 5

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