• I've had to hand out fliers before and it's the most annoying thing ever - the shitty part is that it actually seems to work. At least, it works if you're not trying to do a scam and just trying to promote your club. If you're bored and feel like socializing, just find those people and take all their fliers, and then you give them out to people and start up a conversation - it's really quite fun if you're bored.
  • Yes. I very much agree. The promotion is fine, but the folks handing out flyers should ask you if you're interested in the promotion before giving you the flyer, rather than just shoving it in your face. That's just rude and wasteful.
  • Seems to be. Especially the trolls that hang outside the gates to every Metal show I've ever been to handing out Xerox copies of fliers for their band. Then, if you refuse to take their fliers, they immediately jump to name calling: "Your girlfriend looks like a death metal crackwhore!" at which point my husband would grab all of the fliers out of that kid's hand and shove them down the nearest storm drain. Sorry... got a little carried away, there ^_^
  • That's why I don't accept them anymore!
  • Depends on the flyer and who's receiving it. The most two most important things are to make sure the flyers are handed out in an area or situation where there are likely to be a high number of people interested in the promotion, and then to make sure that the flyer looks appealing enough to get the interest and enthusiasm of the person looking at it. After that, the promotion needs to be good or else they'll throw it out anyway :)
  • I think it's more like saying "I got paid to do this job". Maybe you should complain to the advertiser, rather than complain about the poor guy who has to take a job like that.
  • That's seems to be the way it works. On the bi-weekly visit of the various religios people, I always say the same thing: "I know right where this is going. Thanks!" They obviously never realized that I was throwing it away, because they still kept coming back. Hmm, maybe they did.
  • When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they are saying 'just take the damn paper so my boss knows that I'm actually doing something other than daydreaming'
  • Of course not..that's silly. I always look at the flyer and occasionally there is something of one is going to spend money to distribute something that he/she expects to be thrown away least no one of sound mind! :)
  • Giving out flyers is very much like sending out spam e-mails. The cost is very low, so if only one in a great many people actually respond, it's still worth it too them. Of course, if we rationally allocated the costs of the paper and the cleanup, it would probably stop the practice.
  • No, only if you take it, then it's your fault if it gets tossed to the ground or in the trash. People hand them out for a reason. If you aren't interested then don't accept it. Now the ones they stick on your windshield are a different matter. But why not read it and see if it's something you might be interested in? They wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't work.
  • not when they hand them to me! I'm a pack rat. Went to NYC last year, every time I got handed a flyer I put them in my suitcase to take home and show my parents and to put in a scrapbook!!
  • Once I was handing my own flyers on the street, and I used to say some words to the people I gave them, so they would not assume this...
  • Yes, that is exactly what I do with fliers.
  • Hehe, yeah, in most cases. I mostly take them because the girls that are giving them are often pretty, but after that i usually throw them away. Except in cases when there is some interesting info written on a flyer, but that's rarely.
  • Mitch Hedberg RIP, man I still remember where I was when I heard he passed away.
  • I do flyer promotions regularly to promote my carpet cleaning business I post them into letter/mail boxes The aim of my flyer design is to get the interest of the potential customer during the 3 to 5 seconds before it goes in the bin.A tiny few may keep it for when they require carpet cleaning.Others if they read the name it may be subliminally familiar to them come the day they look up directories looking for carpet cleaning. They work to a point.They help a little to get you business.Extremely hard work.
  • Yes for 99% of those that receive the flyer, however approximately 1% of those that have an interest in the product or service will respond.
  • Yea that seems about right, but then again it seems like it is something that depends on how I'm feeling and what it is about.
  • 99 percent of the time, yes.. but there's always that 1 percent.. I think that's the purpose of flyers nowadays- to get that 1 percent.
  • Not really I just make myself a paper-hat with it!!!

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