• destroy it.
  • It hijacks a certain cell type in the immune system (T helper) that are usually used to summon an immune response to a pathogen. When another cell type (T killer) notice that the T helper cells are infected, it kills the cell. This is usually a good way to get rid of infected cells in the body, but in the case of HIV, the cell that's being destroyed by the immune system is the very same cell that most effectively kicks the immune system into gear. With less and less T helper cells, the body becomes worse and worse at defending itself against other pathogens, making AIDS patients susceptable to 'opportunistic infections' that most of us brush off with no problems.
  • It pretty much disables your immune system, meaning you are wide open to infections, viruses, etc It's not the AIDS that kills you as such, but other infections and viruses that were only allowed to grow and harm you because AIDS had killed your immune system. At least, that's my understanding of it...

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