• 12.99 per square meter is cheaper. Are you sure you got the question right?
  • The 12.99 a meter would be a better price to cover the room. 15x1.0936= 246.06 per square meter vs the 12.99 per sq meter.
  • ahhhhhhhh as it happens no i havent! the questions reads carpet is sold in one shop at 12.99 per square yard and in another shop at 15.oo per square metre. which is the best price? 1m = 1.0936 I pity me, i do!
  • 1 square meter= 1.0936x1.0936 square yards. = 1.1960 Square yds. So 15.00/1.1960 = $12.54 per square yard. So $15 per sq meter is 45 cents cheaper per sq yard
  • Reading the corrected version of the question, the price per square metre is slightly cheaper. Imagine a square room that is 10 yards by 10 yards, ie. 100 square yards. A yard is roughly 90cm, so in metres the same room is 9 metres by 9 metres, ie. 81 square metres. So to cover the floor with the first carpet would cost 100 x 12.99 = $1299 To cover with the second carpet would cost 81 x 15 = $1215 So the price paying by the square metre works out as better value (assuming it is just as nice a carpet!).

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