• Only if you want the roof to fall on your head.
  • No. Get a contruction company rep to come and give you a free 'estimate' and consultation. That doesn't commit you to hiring them...bnut you obviously need to be clearer about what goes and what has to stay!!
  • No no no. See my answer to your other question please.
  • This can be done BUT ONLY BY A PROFESSIONAL,(not shouting...YES I AM)you MUST get a structural engineer,s design. On no account attempt this otherwise. Beware of your local "Mr Knowall".unless he is prepared to rebuild your house free of charge.
  • You can but support must be added to carry the weight elsewhere. The load will have to be picked up by ''knee walls'' or some thing similar which you can incorporate into your final design. Knee walls can be added where the space is basically unusable because of the low roof height. SEE:

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