• Great question. I think its because at that age fitting in andbeing popular are what matters and TV and movies has given them the false notion that the perfect body will give them the popularity they crave.Most at that age think about the here and now not the future.
  • Their own appearance is more immediate to them on a day-to-day basis. It's the same reason why they don't care about pension plans, but they do care about which episode of the Simpsons had a certain scene in it.
  • Because we are social beings. We want to be attractive because we want to be loved. Global warming and other related issues are, by comparison, abstractions. Real, but not immediately so. To some degree, your question is the fallacy of the false alternative. The average human being keeps these things in balance. He or she can worry about global warming and also want to make themselves attractive. It is not either/or. However, it is natural - as we know from Maslowe's hierarchy of needs - that we tend to think of our immediate needs before we think of more distant concerns.

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