• Possibly, but these symptoms don't occur with everyone. I had only missed periods and 3 days of mild morning sickness with my first pregnancy. If you had miscarried, you would have noticed some bleeding. Count yourself lucky if these are your only unpleasant symptoms.
  • There is always a possibility you have miscarried. You should already have been to the OB-GYN (or at least your primary care physician) for a check-up and to begin prenatal care (such as vitamins). What does your physician say? If it has been more than a week since you've seen your physician, I suggest you call and get the first available appointment. However, chances are that everything is fine.
  • Yeah, if you miscarried, you would've bled. My 1st pregnancy, I miscarried at around 9 weeks, I think (I was on Depo and I never got my period, so when I had the one -time morning sickness, I thought it was food poisoning. By the time I realized I was pregnant, two weeks later I spotted and went to the ER. They checked my hormone level and it dropped). You'll have symptoms soon enough, either way. You're really early! Go to to talk to other women in their early stages to get their advice! I love that site, I'm "Poodie13" if you wanted to stop by my page.
  • If you NEVER had the symptoms, you're probably fine. If you HAD symptoms, and they abruptly stopped, you need to check with your doctor.
  • The symptoms you have mentioned may or may not be a factor in any pregnancy. If you had a mis carry, I'm sure you would have noticed. It involved a lot of blood, and usually some pain. If you are the least bit worried about anything during your pregnancy, always call you doctor.
  • Everyone's pregnancy is different, so maybe and maybe not. Ask your doctor if your pregnancy is progressing normally.
  • Get yourself checked by a doctor, but having had the experience(?) of a miscarriage, I think you would have noticed. It's horrific.
  • You could have - and should check with your doctor if you're worried. (Worry itself can cause problems if there aren't any so far.) However, not everyone gets those symptoms. With my first child, I had bad morning sickness, but no breast tenderness. I'm pregnant now (16 weeks) and have both, but the sickness hasn't been as bad. It varies by pregnancy and by person, but if you're in doubt, please just check with your doctor.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. I didn't even know I was pregnant at 6 weeks, and had no symptoms until I was around 8 or 9 weeks along. But if you are really concerned about it, go see your doctor, and have your hormones checked. I think that if you had miscarried, that you'd have bled.
  • im six week also i have no morning sickness 6th pregnancy 5 healthy children 1 miscarriage the baby i lost was the only one i didnt get sick with im also not sick with this one so im so scared that im gonna lose this baby
  • I never had morning sickness or anything with any of my children. So you should be fine.

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