• I also find him interesting and at times funny. I enjoy his show. I am in the USA.
  • I bought his book... 2 actually. A Christmas for hubbie and dad!
  • Glenn Beck for prez!
  • i think that Glen beck speaks to us in a language that we can understand. he is very concerned about our nation. I would not want to miss his program.
  • Never heard of the guy.
  • A meeting of his head and a 2x4 is overdue.
  • Hes an interesting commentator.. he is more entertaining than informative, and i dont agree with what he says 97 percent of the time. I get nauseated sometimes so maybe its not him being interesting, but rather the dissonance making me anxious... hmmm..
  • Not a big fan. I would rather hear someone actually report the news as it is, and tell the people the facts, rather than putting such severe left or right spin on it. Commentators like Beck are there to be entertaining, not informative or accurate. Like I said, I'd rather get unbiased news.
  • I had seen him a few times,and when in the need of humour I watch him for a few minutes.I do not take what he says seriously,for he is just another babbling idiot.He needs to get his facts straight and stop distorting reality to his liking.
  • He's intense. The kind of guy that would give off a creepy vibe should he approach you in a bar.
  • He can be entertaining, but it feels like he's putting on a performance rather than giving his personal beliefs.
  • His brain is fried from drugs and booze and he's a ↓↓↓
  • He is a right wing shill and a sensationalist who takes small bits of factual information and out of context video clips to play on and enhance the fears of Americans from a variety of backgrounds. I have to wonder if he actually believes what he is saying or if he is just whoring for the ratings. All in all I think it's pretty damned sad that pundits like Beck on the right and Obermann on the left are what passes for political discourse in the US right now. How sad that this pack braying asses enjoy such viewership. The sheeple (people who behave like sheep) line up to be feed a diet of extremism and idiocy and happily puke out the nonsense because you know no matter what "side" you are on there some media shill ready to tell you you are a real American and everyone else is wrong and dangerous. It breaks my heart and makes me fear for our future when I see sheeple happily regurgitating what they are told to think by media without bothering to listen to other opinions or to question what they hear.
  • no, ive never seen it
  • Other than he is an egotistical jerk you mean?

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