• Well since most money is spent on hotels, try to find a 24 hour place and stay up all night. I did this in Tokyo and eventually caught some Zs in a Mcdonalds when it opened
  • Be cheap. Don't buy what you don't need and haggle for a lower price if you're buying from a vendor.
  • I post some great deals on my blog website at when I see them. Go off season. Prices are always highest when people want to be there. Look for specials. One year the airlines were selling discounted airline tickets from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas. When the price is hot, go. Travelocity offers Dream Maps which let you see which routes are on sale. Read the rule sand book the ticket. Look for the best deal that you can find. Just because a hotel room is cheap doesn't always make it a good deal if you have to compensate in other ways, like backache. Get the best deal for you. Time on the Internet is free, do good research. I once had to cancel and rebook my car rental three different times as the prices went down. Talk to the locals for a place to eat and things to see. Nothing worse than travelling to the other side of the world and never eating something local. The local people know what's good and at reasonable prices. Skip the chains.
  • Planing way ahead of time. And saving up for it so that you don't use what you have for your main bills. And most of all don't go using those Create-Cards unless it becomes a matter of life & death. Do a lot of research on your travel plans a few months or more ahead of time. And try to fine big discounts on many places..............M.C.S.
  • Plan ahead. Extremely cheap - hitchhike, couchsurf, buy food from a discount grocery instead of restaurants. Slightly safer - buy a bus ticket again in advance is a lot cheaper. You can sleep on the bus you can take your own food. Freeze a large drink before you go it can serve as ice for your food and a drink as it thaws. I can give you more information if you give me more details on exactly what you're looking for, the purpose of your trip, where you plan to go, whether or not family will be traveling with you, etc.

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