• I'm sure Montel Williams has access to the very best doctors, the latest research and the up-and-coming therapies. Plus he can pretty much control his own schedule in order to work when he feels best. Also, MS is an autoimmune disease and it affects different people in different ways and with varying degrees of severity. I have a related disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and I am not crippled at all. I eat foods that help my immune system, exercise regularly and so on, and I don't need to take any drugs whatsoever to alleviate the disease at this point. Some days I have inflammation and some days I don't. Probably Montel Williams has been able to keep his disease at bay with similar methods.
  • When you have a lot of money, you get to have the best doctors and MS doesn't work so fast in everyone. I have a friend who has known she's had MS for 9 or 10 years.. and she's not in a wheelchair. It's kind of like AIDS or any other disease.. they all act different in different people .
    • Percussion
      Being able to afford great medical care is like having the best of everything. Not worrying about loosing your good doctors and the best hospitals is priceless.
  • maybe he got lucky

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