• Tough to answer, as many companies love to claim their products are "favorites" of certain stars to draw customers in. Incidentally, Catherine Zeta-Jones just sued a French (Caudalie) company for such claims. This was a tough question to answer. . .phew! Here's what I found though: Catherine Zeta-Jones The Lulur spa is a favorite of Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Barbra Streisand. They use incredibly fresh and exotic ingredients, including ground rice and turmeric imported from Bali to exfoliate, yogurt to cool, and jasmine flower oil to massage. Rose petals, strewn across the massage table, add another beautiful touch. And I loved the bamboo Vichy shower that simulates aromatic rainwater as it washes over your newly silkened body. International actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ashley Judd are users of the Obagi skin care line. Aveda hair care products also score quite well in the celebrity ranks with regular customers including Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sharon Stone. Demi Moore: InStyle raves that Terax Crema draws more glamorous women than an Oscar ceremony, listing Crema users Madonna, Kim Basinger, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Demi Moore. Karin Herzog skin care products have captures the attention of beauty editors around the world, as well as numerous celebrities, including; Kim Basinger, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, Sheryl Crowe, Linda Evangelista, Kylie Minogue, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Couteney Cox-Arquett, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, David Duchovney, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Barbra Striesand, Carol Vorderman, Mel C, Jennifer Lopez, Boy George, Kate Capshaw. As an aside, what really makes their dark hair shiny is avacados. Yup. Liv Tyler and Courtney Cox (2 other raven haired stars) swear by it. A recipe: South of Shanghai Moisturizing Treatment In Chinese medicine, ginseng is believed to cure impotence. It can also rejuvinate dry, over processed hair and scalp. 1/2 avacado 2 pinches of ginseng powder 1 egg yolk 1-Mash the avacado and mix in the ginseng powder and egg yolk. 2-Massage the mask into your scalp, wrap a thin towel around your head, and leave on for 10 minutes. 3-Rinse, then shampoo Hope this points you in the right direction.
  • May be something like a herbal products by Varsha Herbals. You can check in

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