• In situations like these. I believe that there are no "wrongs" and "rights", but rather situations that cause growth or stagnation. In my personal experience I have found that keeping hatred for someone can inhibit or completely stop emotional growth and progress.
  • I think hatred can be benificial in situations when there is no other means by which to achieve closure, as long as it doesnt transition into anything physical
  • Hatred has no place in society....period. No excuses reasons.
  • Yes it is. Hate does not accomplish anything! It only brings destruction and strife.
  • Hatred is only 'wrong' in some contexts.... In my opinion it's a beautiful thing, people do amazing things when consumed with hatred without hate love just wouldn't be as sought after
  • No. It is a good thing to hate bad things. Hate cruelty, and racism, injustice and violence.
  • It is only okay to hate someone if you are perfect. That's just my opinion, though..
  • no, its not wrong, it's an emotion.
  • No. You just have to direct it wisely. Not everything deserves love or respect.
  • Not for me....there are those in my past who deserve to be hated. I haven't carried it over to my other relationships and the hate I feel for him is only for him. So I hate him? Where is the harm in that? He doesn't even know I hate him. That is how I choose to cope with it.
  • Only if someone has the right to say what is right and wrong.
  • no! here's an example: i hate racism.
  • It's like war and peace, without hate you wouldn't really understand love and therefore couldn't appreciate it. Good and Evil - there has to be a balance.
  • Wrong? At this point in our evolution there are acceptable grounds for hatred. I hate human suffering. But more often than not, when applied to life in general, it is rather pointless. It would be much better to focus on love, and if everyone could do that, we'd have no need for hate.
  • I wouldn't say "wrong"...perhaps "counter-productive" is more like it. Hatred is a poison. In order to use it, you must carry it within your own consciousness. Therefore, you inflict as much damage upon yourself as you do when projecting that hatred onto others.
  • Well, hatred is like worry; on it's own it's never achieved anything. Emma Goldman once said that the most violent element in society is ignorance, I take that further and say that ignorance with added hatred makes the bomb that kills the innocent as well as the supposed guilty. It's better to keep moderate as civility costs nothing but is invaluble and if you keep your head better then the next guy then there's a better chance it'll remain on your shoulders.
  • No. Just mostly useless, unless You're doing something about it.
  • i think its the only way im going to get over my ex
  • Was hitler wrong?+2
  • Hating a person is wrong, hating someones actions is not.
  • What's good with hatred? Who likes things like this:
  • Absolutely hatred is not the reaction that will do one positive thing. It is formed from EGO and shuts out all Divine thought. Surrender, acceptance and love works every time. Charlie Manson is despicable. I feel hatred towards him many times, then I stop and think why am I draining my power directing negativity and anger at some guy I don't even care about? I send him Love, and move on. He is where he needs to be and is his own punishment. I have my own life to take care of. I try and feel anger only at someone's acts and not the soul behind the acts. It does me no good to sink to that level. If I do, they have won.
  • I believe that it is... but I can think of a few people in my life right now that I don't know what else to do but hate them.

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