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  • No one has answered the question because perhaps they are like me and you still looking for the fuse box. My cig lighter is not working and I wanted to check the fuses. Not because I want to smoke in the van but because I want to operate my navman! Hope some one has an answer.
  • did you check under the dash on both sides or in the glove box or by the kick panles in the front.
  • Thanks, checked under the dash and glove box and also the kick panels - but nothing. With some help from my nephew found the box to the left of the brake pedal. Checked the fuse but it appeared ok. Will have another look in daylight. Cheers
  • How do you know it's the fuse, maybe the lighter is bad check it with a meter first, or plug something else into it!
  • engineroom fuse numder 4 hope it helps
  • fuse number 4 engine room

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