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  • Saliva? I am not 100% certain but I think the saliva test as pertains to chemical testing is for alcohol only, careful, if you have others issues this could be a sly ploy to get a DNA sample from you with your consent.
  • 6 weeks depending on your metabolism, buy a home test and take it first if you are worried
  • it depends on your bmi (body mass index) it is a proven fact that women have more body fat than that's strike #1 for women :( but seriously....the more percent body fat you have~the longer it will stay in your system since that is how it is absorbed; for average people it is 30-45 days......or you can always try: ~aka~ URN luck (synthetic urine) good luck!
  • The saliva test is less invasive and usually marijuana will only be detectable for 1 day to 1 week for the saliva test... I have also read that they are not as reliable as urine screens, and that there have been many false negatives, where an idividuale had smoked just 40 minuets before the screening... and still passed....

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