• As a general rule I like men and am thankful for them period.
  • That they have brave hearts, broad chests, twinkly eyes, that they love to show off their strong manly skills, are daring, manage money better than I do, that they are driven to provide for and protect their families. I just love them and am so thankful for them.
  • I am thankful for men and in general I like them a lot. But I am most thankful that I am not one. I think it must be really hard to be a man. We expect so much from them sometimes.
  • say what? oh, sorry, I had to read the question several times before it sunk in... He does the electrical stuff. I hate the electrical stuff. :)
  • I am thankful there are still gentlemen out there . And thankful for the "men" who take their vows seriously and treasure their woman. I am grateful also to those who put their family first by being good providers and dads. They are our treasures and we should show them respect and remember to be grateful every day when we are blessed with a real man.
  • That they are so different from women. I love everything that makes a man different from me.
  • I am so thankful that my husband can be the strong and logical one when I have a complete emotional breakdown like I did this Friday night at the vet. I was sobbing in the waiting room and he got me tissues and put his arm around me and told me everything would be alright. He has been the doctor and I have been the nurse to our sick kitty cat.
  • I am thankful that the lieing, cheating, selfish, bastard is out of my life.
  • I have been really blessed with the men in my life, starting with my Dad...then my son, my partner, my "second son"...additionally, I've had some great friends during school years and work years who were men. So I would say I am thankful that those particular men were in my life. :)
  • erm.....errr.......erm.......err......erm, struggling with this one!!!!!ha ha no seriously my dad is a great man in every meaning of the word, my husband...err makes me thankful for his use in the bedroom, and the fact that he can reach lightbulbs and uses electrical things that i would probably cut my hands, arms, legs off if i used them
  • How sweet and helpful they are. Sometimes.
  • i am thankful that men have sperm....
  • the actual sincere ones. my boyfriend. his penis. ha!
  • Setting aside the raunchy for a minute (I bet you thought I'd type "A huge cock"), what I am thankful for is a sincere heart, respect for my feelings or desires and open communication.
  • My boyfriend is one of them.
  • Some are very tolerant and forgiving. And I am thankful for the ones who know a lot about cars.
  • my old man isnt the most romantic fellow out there, nor is he good at sharing his feelings, but he is responsible. and i am thankful for that. it makes me feel good to know that he will take care of me and the kids. im thankful that he makes me feel safe.

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