• My dad did something of the sort two years ago. He didn't know the name of his grandfather. All he knew was that he was still alive and in the US. He tried over 25 different sites, clocked over 200 hours on the computer, and finally, traced him to a trailer park in California. So, as tedious as it sounds, I have to reccomend Googling everyone who might be affiliated with them, looking for trace-your-heritage sites, and using all of your patience. With time, you'll find them : )
  • try the free site WHO ME ? and put in his name and your name !! lot of people find lost love ones on there.Hope that helps ya.
  • My friend is searching for people just like you to be on an upcoming ABC show about finding adoptee's biological parents. They could really be able to help you. I think you would be perfect for this show. Think about it.
  • Most states have a person at the State Health or Social Services Department who help people do this. You can contact them through you State Government website or by calling the State Division. A call to the Governor's office could get you pointed in the right direction also.
  • This website will help you. They have a forum and a chat room. Talk to people there. They will tell you how they found ther parents and siblings. Best of luck!
  • Pay some money to search in an online database. That is all,besides hiring a private detective.
  • There are sites where birth parents and adoptees sign up if they are looking for each other. Google them. Google how to search for birth parents. Keep in mind the possibility and reality exists that just because you want to find them does not automatically mean they want to be found. That kind of search doesnt always end up with hugs and rsinbows.

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