• Not for me I just wanted to know what the felt differently about but there was no comment
  • This question really makes me laugh Brook! It was horrifying to receive that first downrate. I'm glad AB has the option to ignore those ratings now. But today I got hit for the first time in a true trolling fest. Now THAT was really something. Actually, I've wondered for a while why I haven't been hit before. I thought I wasn't troll worthy. But now I have graduated and am proud to take my place with the other baggers who have been trolled. Now where is my diploma?
  • I felt disemboweled, personally. A good answer is personal, and therefore a potentially vulnerable extension of one's self.
  • I care only about comments. not about points. If I do something worthy of comment then I am proud. If people can only muster enough respect to click on a plus or minus sign then I dont pay it any mind
  • No, but it is bothersome when the rater dosent leave a comment as to why . (hi)
  • Not really. People are free to disagree with me if they want. It doesn't matter one iota to me if someone DR's me. Life has far more pressing issues than someone DR'ing me on a website.
  • That would be a pretty serious wound to recover from, so no. : )
  • Not a dagger. Just a fork.
  • I couldn't care less...Compared to all the positive points I get, it's nothing.
  • Less severe.. more like a spit in the face ;)
  • My first thought, was now what could I have said that got a negative rating. Then I laughed when I saw what remark it was and went 'oh well'. Someone was having a bad humorless day was what I decided. :D
  • My first posts were all given negative marks but the perp refused to comment.
  • 99% of the time I don't even notice until the other day, but it all worked out in the end.
  • uh., I could care less if anyone disagrees with my opinion b/c that's exactly what it is AN OPINION. Plus I disagree too. But when I downrate at least i have the balls to say why
  • A virtual dagger into my virtual heart...
  • Well I think it hurts at first but by the time you have been in the land of a thousand cuts, it is just a mild irritant, sometimes even amusing in its regularity.
  • Yes it sure is got my first one today,I guess they know all! its like a snake bite!!
  • It was, yes. Since then, I've gotten used to the DR's and now they're only a minor annoyance. I turn the ratings notification thing off as soon as I see the minus, and turn it back on after the DR's moved off the first page. Life on AB is much sweeter when you focus on the positives and ignore the negatives.
  • It was terrible!! I was new to this site and wasn't really sure what it meant but I knew it wasn't good. I was crushed until I found out it is more often than not that it is done just to be malicious so I'm over it but at the time I thought WTH???
  • No. I speak from the heart, I tell the truth, and I do it bluntly. That usually doesn't sit well with others, because most people live in some form of denial about something, and to have the truth thrown in their faces hurts. The negative feeling they get from my answer sometimes translates into negative points for me, which is fine. Everyone has their opinions. Sometimes it's just a difference of opinions, and people can get rather petty and vindictive when someone disagrees with them. They're not happy with just disagreeing with you and arguing with you; they need to give you negative points, because they think it hurts you. I just blow it off. I don't give negative points to other people because I don't think that my disagreeing with them should hurt their standing in this community. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
  • No I wasn't stabbed in the heart. Everyone has a right to their opinion, this person didn't agree with mine. I don't even know who it was, and I don't care. I probably could go back and check but there's no reason to. It's not like I'm going to argue over it. For the most part people have appreciated what I have to say and since everything else so far has been marked positively I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'm sure I'll get "negged" in the future too, but that's life.
  • I was a little confused, like, Oookay? I wish you'd at least comment so i knew what you were against, the comment i got on it didn't seem to be negative.
  • My attitude is completely indifferent toward that kind of thing. It doesn't phase me at all. It's just a rating on an internet, and someone's personal opinion, and sometimes even a mistake. However, when I see them, I do think about them and whether or not I deserved the rating. Sometimes I decide I did, and others I decide I didn't, but,. . . whatever. :]
  • will i ever heal?

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