• the best hash is your own buy a polleniser its a type of buster and collect the thc at the bottom but to answer your question hash in a blond colour or brown and the dark kind of hash is not the best quality
  • You will learn from experience just like with the cannabis buds themselves. The smell and taste are great indicators of quality. Fresh hashish of good quality is soft and pliable and becomes progressively harder and less potent as it oxidizes.(Levine 1944) Hash is generally said to be black, brown or blond. There is also hashish of greenish or reddish hue. A green tinge may indicate that the hashish is impure, which has been cut with low-quality leaf or contains high quantities of chlorophyll. A yellow tint can indicate presence of cannabis pollen, which has a sandy color.
  • Duh - it's the one that gives the best high. Try before you buy; make sure you buy what you tried.
  • The most potent I have ever had was a bright green, smelled a lot like a Christmas tree. I have had them all, the red variety will choke you to death but will make you a believer. The blond variety is good. The black might make you sleep. Brown is generally blase.
  • the best is white salsa its white with red an u dance smooth but hts u hard like salsa

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