• Maybe a change in pressure, or temperature???
  • I'm fairly certain that's due to the change in pressure. The temperature is always aprox. 4C at the bottom of the ocean, while the pressure can be several tons per square cm. Nasty things happens when your body is adjusted to living under those conditions, and is then brought to our relatively low pressure environment (e.g. boiling blood and exploding internal organs):-/
  • Deep ocean water fish adopt themselves to survive under high pressure. When the fish is caught & brought up-in open air , it dies instantly as the blood pressure inside the body exceeds the atmospheric pressure outside. this leads to bursting of the blood cappilaries and the fish is found to be dead...
  • Because it isn't used to the less pressure up top. The water at the bottom of the ocean has more pressure and that's where the fish live.
  • A deep water fish will die when brought on the surface because of the change in pressure. Specifically it has to do with an organ called a swim bladder, which is involved in pressure regulation. When a fish is pulled up to the surface rapidly, the swim bladder does not have enough time to release the gases, and subsequently bursts. This is what kills the fish.
  • im not sure but the depth of water may influencee the amount of oxygen thats available to the fish. their bodies are simply meant to operate at deeper depths. also i think it may have to do wigg how fast you surface. going from 100 lbs of pressure to 0 is a big changr
  • it could be a form of decompression syndrome. "the bends" where temperature and pressure changes so rapidly your body has trouble adjusting to the new environment. It could also be that light, that rarely ever reaches those dark depths of the ocean injure the fish or marine animal somehow.
  • For the same reason you can't go down to the fishes level with out protection against pressure

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