• If your phone number is a listed number in the phone book or listed on the internet yes your landlord can give the number out. If it is a private number or a cell number you still have little protection other than to change the number. If you by prior verbal agreement say no to the telephone listing or better yet a written agreement then you might have a case.
  • I am a landlord and I personally feel that giving out a resident's phone number, or any other information concerning that person, under any circumstance is unethical behavior. If the caller identifies themself, I politely let them know I cannot even confirm that someone by that name lives in one of my units. I will then notify the resident that that person called for information and let them handle it. I have had circumstances where the Police were trying to locate someone. In that event I do cooperate but I have to be talking to the officer face to face and KNOW he is an officer of our juristiction or get ID. I don't compromise my resident's privacy. If it is someone calling on the phone, I feel that they can get information some another way, not through me! :)
  • You have no expectation of privacy for a phone number. Legally, he sure can.

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