• Yes. My grandmothers are cooking together for the first time!
  • Yes, Enough though i'm going to be the cook.
  • Yes. I love visiting with family I only see a couple times a year.
  • Yes cause I get to see my nephew,nieces and of course my Brother & Sister in law.
  • Yes, I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love food :) And, this year is extra good because we're having the families over to our house, so my boyfriend and I don't have to try to work out a way to visit both our families during the day. I hate splitting up the day like that. We're having 14 people over, and it's not even everyone! Some usual attendees are out of town, so the group is small. I love family events, and love having big groups of family and friends together. I only wish I could get more people to come over :) (And can't wait until I have my own kids to include in the events!)
  • Yeah! No school for 5 days and lots of food sounds pretty good to me.
  • about as much as I look forward to any other Thursday
  • It is just another thursday in the UK we have nothing to say Thank you for.
  • I have no family left so is just another day as is all holidays now-a-days.
  • Yes! My family and I are normally at other family's house, but this year we will be spending it at home watching movies and grubbin!!
  • I cant wait!! I am doing the count down this week at work!! ( 2 more days left) I am having Thanksgiving here and pick up my Daughter and Grand Daughter up on Wednesday night its a 2 hour drive from here!! And then I'm gonna hug em and not let them got till I have to!! I love cooking with my girls!!
  • Yes! I love turkey. It's my favorite food. <33
  • I'm looking more forward to the days off:)
  • Happy Thanksgiving Stayblue4life:) Yes, i get to meet some family that i never met before!
  • Yes....I cant wait to see family that i see once a year and we are going to have fun! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • No, to be honest I don't really know what it's all about.. Maybe the UK could have another holiday, like Pie week or something. I dunno. =D
  • this day is much like any other day to me and my family. not to say that we are not grateful for our lives and what is provided opn a daily basis. for this we always say a heartfelt prayer. every time we sit down to a meal we give thanks. in the evening when i retire i give thanks. in the morning upon rising also i give thanks. during the day if i see a beautiful cloud in the sky i thank Jehovah God for the many wonderful creations he is responsable for. of course if i have a very important decision to make, i will consult him first. whenever i have a problem i will ask him and then thank him for the honor of being able to communicate with him. so i think he knows how thankful i am to him for just being who he is, as well as the rest of my family, (they too are very thankful).
  • Only because I can sit around, eat, talk, read, and sleep. : [)
  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.We are going to our daughters this year with all of our family,and all of her husbands family.It will be alot of fun for all of us.
  • I am looking forward to it with trepidation. I always long for it to be less formal and more of a real visit with family members that I have known all my life but really hardly know at all. Here is a poem that I just wrote about it a few minutes ago! Enjoy! :) Suzanne
  • Yes. I love spending time with my family and friends.

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