• The food I dislike, will be disliked for ever.
  • Seafood... sometimes it looks so pretty and good, but I have tried so many types and hate it all.
  • Yogurt since it's supposed to be healthy for you, but yuck.
  • Coffee, if that counts.
  • For some reason it is ummmm Pie.
  • maybe all those *delicious* vegetables...
  • Seafood and all that healthy stuff
  • Raw onions...
  • Blue Cheese and all of it's moldy cheese cousins. Different restaurants always have a bunch of dishes that look really good until there is some kind of blue cheese tossed in. I'm not the guy that makes up my own dish at a restaurant by taking away this and adding that.
  • Melted cheese...........Think of all the Italian food I could be eating..........Then again............think of the gut I could have.
  • mushrooms. They ruin good food... I will nnot give up. At some point I am going to find a way to like them.
  • Peppers of any kind, raw onions, tea
  • Seafood... clams, shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, etc... can't stand them. I've tried them all, and really don't like them. Wish I did, it would really open up my options when dining out. Mushrooms also. Yuck. But so many dishes come with them included, it's a pain to always request that they're left out (and usually the kitchen forgets anyhow, and I have to pick them all out by hand.) And, lastly, melted cheese. It would be so much easier if I could just enjoy the pizzas with a "normal" amount of cheese so that I could eat the same one as my family without picking off all the extra cheese. I know cheese is bad for me anyway, and it's better if I don't eat it - but so many dishes come with cheese on top, that I have to scrape off, or that I simply can't eat because there is SO MUCH melted cheese on it that it makes me gag, it would be great if I enjoyed it so that I could be less picky about my food. Really, I wish I liked everything - so that I could go somewhere and just order anything off the menu, and have it be foods that I liked. That would be awesome.
  • Vegetables , I eat them because I must but loathe them. I wish I could eat sea food but I am allergic.
  • Apples because I like the sound they make when people bite into them. Plus people just look cool snacking on apples.
  • shrimp. there's a lot of dishes i avoid due to those tiny, freaky creatures.
  • I wish I disliked food a little more often. LOL!

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