• Why do you like milk? It's the first food every mammal gets. I have four cats and only one will come up to me when I am having a bowl of cereal because she expects me to leave her some milk. If you ask your cat, she will never tell you. Spoil her, give her a little milk every now and then if she likes it. Of course, there are certain types of milk that I would not be willing to share.
  • It doesnt matter why a cat likes milk just remember it isnt good for them. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Cats only need fresh water daily once they have been weaned. If you want to offer milk as a treat goats milk is good and its sold in the milk section at the store. Or you can go to a pet supply store and buy a product like Cat Sip or any other for kittens but there are a lot of calories so treat on occasion. Cows milk is a no-no.
  • cause it tastes good to them

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