• There is nothing about a loving LGBT relationship that imperils straight marriage in any way, except if one is a homophobe.
  • No, they aren't; Frist is just a naive bigot.
  • He's right... I've got up to 5 guys a day wanting a sword fight. As with all sports, swordfighting will eventually drag you away from family time.
  • I love this question... because it's rhetorical! Someone elses actions require NO opinion from any individual unless it is directly affecting that person. The reality of the situation is that whatever someone does behind bedroom doors has NOTHING to do with anyone else. People need to learn to be more accepting and that their opinions are not always correct.
  • It is under attack by the concept that people really ARE equal under the law and that the government has no right to deny that legal principle based on sexual orientation. Marriage is under attack from the high divorce rates and the lack of commitment of people who enter into it, more than it ever could be by the gender of the people entering into marriage.
  • Frist is just another bigot who wants legalized discrimination in our Constitution.
  • Gay marriage undermines the idea that the man is the head of a family and the wife serves his needs. It's the traditional idea of marriage, the "marriage as transfer of property" ideal. The woman becomes a wife (it's "I now declare you 'man and wife'", isn't it? not 'husband and wife'. Isn't that telling?) wife loses her name, raises the kids, and lets the man handle all of the financial needs and has no money or assets under her sole control. That's what these bozos want to get back to. If two women get married, who is the man? If two men get married, who is the wife? It messes with the whole twisted paradigm that someone like Frist believes is the whole basis of marriage. That's why they say that gay marriage attacks traditional marriage - because in their definition, it really does. Of course, where we disagree is whether that's a bad thing, or a good one!
  • You are a smart cookie. I think that if gay people were allowed to marry, they would show us how to do it right
  • I wonder if the "good" Senator knows that the highest per capita divorce rate in the US is among evangelical Christians.
  • sounds like bill frist is full of bullshit and bigoted information....maybe he should stop his religious based scaremongering...keep his bible based dribble and start to do what he was put in the senate for ....running the country...and start dealing in facts and not fairytales!
  • The bizarre contradiction in the conservative position is that homosexuality is evil, sinful, unnatural, and wrong wrong wrong, yet if homosexuality is condoned in society everyone will want to become gay!
  • didn't you know we would hump anything that moves!!
  • um well i am straight and I dont feel under attack. I dont really know any straight couple that has been stressed out due to feeling attacked. It's kinda weird to think that it has anything to do with straight people. It's not really about us so it's not really our choice. If you are gay and you want to marry then you should have the right. Bill Frist is a douche

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