• It saddens me, but it's a trend. My grandmother quit teaching Sunday School when they told her she couldn't hug the kids anymore--she'd been teaching for 40+ years. :(
  • my middle school banned hugs also, last year, but has since allowed hugging. i think the rule is ridiculus
  • It's sad, however because some took the hugs to extremes, like a little feel on the butt, and wayyyyy to close and to long, it was agreed best to stop hugs all together.
  • That is ridiculous. Children need to be taught to be nice to one another and i cannot see anything at all wrong with two kids giving each other hugs. What's next, no breathing another kids air? That is quite sad.
  • Find out who made the ban and have them replaced.
  • I think that if hugs were banned at my high school, people would rather be suspended. I can't walk anywhere near my friends without being tackled . I always make sure I'm near a wall or some object that I can slam into without falling over. And that I don't have any sharp objects.
  • From a heath standpoint, i can understand banning childrens hugs in kindergarten. they already share all their childhood diseases from being so close. But, to ban hugging someone in middle school, is ridiculous. what possible reason could be behind this act? Too many restrictions are being placed on humans. our personal freedom is slowly drifting off into the sunset. If my child was in middle school and wanted to hug a friend, i say let them do it. hugging has been in existents for many, many years and people have become lifelong friends, because of it. So, i say.........hug a way. someone should file a class action suit to challenge this restriction. My children are grown or i would. John
  • It is so sad that society is coming to this.
  • It is b/c in middle school the kids are learnign their boundries and taking hugs to the extreme. In the school I taught at, a parent complained b/c a boy hugged her daughter and his hand was on her bottom. One parent complaint is all it takes for a school to run and CIA. It never works and the kids hug anyway. I don't enforce ridiculious rules. My last school outlawed pierced earrings of any kind on school property. Prety pathetic.
  • The people in this country are overly sensitive and so people freak out and impulsively make stupid decisions like that one. And, as a result, screw the kids' heads all up.
  • Because we're living in Orwell's future. Next the thought police will come and kill us for hugging.
  • I heard about this, but they were talking about high school. They were saying kissing, hugging, holding hands, or even talking shouldn't be done in the halls because it causes "traffic jams". I think that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life! Anybody agree?
  • I think it is disgusting and it is the parents' job to protest and make sure the ban is overturned!
  • ** first I thought it was a really bad idea and that the school was worrying to much. I thought that since they saw that some kids were being out of line and inappropriate with the way they "greet eachother and such" , that they took it too far and decided that even inocent gestures such as hugging had to be illiminated. *Then I realized that ..... **the I realized that there is a valid reason that they are doing it(banning hugs). They are doing it because some kids are acting innapropriate(making out, etc in the halls, and some are turning a hug into something that is inappropriate. So sometimes the definition of a hug in "todays times/world", is different than an inocent gesture. So, I think the schools feel taht since that is the unfornunate reality of what is taking place, they can't allow hugging either.. I mean they can not say that a certain hug is ok & certain hugs aren't..they would have to try to be too picky about what kind of hug was taking place..and its just not possible to do that. So since some of the hugs are innapropriate, they decided that they would have to ban hugs. Maybe this is a sign and a wake up call for people to realize that the way that kids behaive and how they feel they can act during school needs to change. It is the same as being in a work environment. In a business you don't see a couple making out in the middle of the room. They are allowed to hug in business's because people are not walking around turning a hug into something else-they are keeping it appropriate-and in school they are not always keeping it an inocense hug. I do understand that there are always under lying reasons that kids are doing feeling like its just what kids to so why not-so i'm not blaming teenagers. Its part of life and an overall subconcious thing that drives adolescense..-that is only part of it though. -the other part is the influence the world and what is allowed and what is not, and the anything goes attitude some people have developed today, and how it affects the choices kids to and do not make. and that is something that can be changed. I didn't mean to wite this in an offense way, so if it sounds that way to anyone, it wasn't my intention. ~Like i said,I do think that people get influenced by things and then act a certaion way, and it needs to be more under control, if people want to still be allowed to hug in school environments. If kids were not taking it too far (and no one can deny it happening..because it is), then I would say yes, continue to allow them to hug. But as I said, the people take a hug and change it to something innapropriate sometimse, while in school, and because of that..they have to ban hugs. -Hugs would not have to be banned if kids chose to kepe a simple hug a simple hug, and not make it into something more, or were taught more to choose otherwise, and were taught and whta it means to be in a school environment and respect that it is appropriate to act that way elsewhere, and were influenced in a positive manner, and were helpikng through feeling like thye have to do things for another person. Yes kids are being taught in positive manners.. I think though that things need to change, and it needs to become more of an importance to teach kids right from wrong, and then....hugs will be allowed again. -It really makes me sad that it has to be this way now, so I think i'm going to make being a part of helping the situation in some way, something i'd like to accomplish in my present lifetime.-so that we will again be allowed to hug. In the bigger pictures, many things will change for the better.
  • You should sue the school for deprivation of human contact.
  • The middle school didn't ban "hugs", they banned "public displays of affection", of which a "hug" is but one of the possible methods of "public displays of affection." The question is loaded against the middle school, because the wording inaccurately implies that the school only banned hugs. "Public displays of affection" also covers a lot of things which parents would very much not like their children to see until they get a lot older (such as, say, 62 years old), such as wet sloppy kisses, fondling of breasts and buttocks, and blowjobs in the stairwells. When you allow exceptions, you allow naughty public displays. The young couple who hug and squeeze each other's buttocks at the same time are, as they will plaintively cry, "only hugging!" Same goes if she wraps her arms *and one leg* (or both) around him: "just a hug!" It seems to me that the ban of all "public displays of affection", including "hugs", is something that most parents could easily support, if not for loaded questions such as this one.

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