• I hydroplaned an '86 Chevy Suburban in the rain at 2am one day. Spun it around, didn't hit anything thankfully. 2am is a good time to have a problem like that.
  • Yes, when I was a teenager, I was showing off for my brother and sister by fishtailing the car in the snow and almost hit a light pole. It scared me into never doing anything like that again.
  • In the snow at about 5:45 slid into the curb at about 20 mph..bent the wheelrim..luckily no one else goes to work at that time...
  • Ice....... You have no control.
  • last winter. It was snowing... really bad. Being the Texan I am and not accustomed to it (I was living in Utah for 1 year), I started to drive down the hill to my kids school. I drove past.... turned around a few times and ended up hitting the store at the bottom of the hill. Let's just say I never drove in the snow again! Luckily we were all fine, a little shaky, but fine and no one else was hurt either!
  • yeppers! Years ago at 8 AM during weekday rush hour traffic, I lost traction in the rain and spun around 180 degrees and sat facing 4 lanes of bumper-to-bumper cars. Thank goodness we were all moving so slow that nobody hit me, but boy was I embarrassed.
  • Black ice the car goes where it wants to .
  • No. ... but, once while riding a motorcycle (speeding), I was hit in the finger by a large bee ... it caused me to twitch my hand slightly, and that caused me to swerve and unexpectedly change lanes dangerously close to another vehicle ... and then I over corrected and swerved too far back and past the lane I had originally been in ... this "wobble" scared me quite a bit, and I slowed right down, then pulled over and stopped untill I could regain my composure, then continued on my way.
  • Yes! I have a 2001 Mustang GT... Not the best car for snow and ice but I usually get around ok... Two stories: Once leaving high school we had freezing rain. I was having serious traction problems being rear wheel drive with not much weight in back. I was spinning my wheels continuously it seemed and if I stopped I was stuck. Anyway with lots of careful driving I got most of the way home and had to go around this long sweeping turn with deep ditches on either side. I knew I was in trouble I figured I would put my pretty car in the ditch. I bit my lip and started around the turn. It was so icy my rear wheels where just totally spinning but I was still moving ok and I made it around the turn and up to the next stop sign where I promptly got totally stuck on the ice and couldn't get moving but I never ended up in the ditch! My g/f with her little saturn front wheel drive car couldn't make the corner and put it in the ditch... While I never would wish that on anyone it was cool to see that my rear wheel drive stang was able to do something that her front wheel drive (supposedly better traction car) couldn't do. But I lost my smugness about two weeks later when I tried to climb a small hill in the snow after making a right turn and started to slip. I gave up and decided to back down but ended up sliding out of control and slid back across the cross street and right into a fairly deep ditch with lots of snow in it. Needless to say I was very stuck after that and very embarrassed as it was a busy intersection. Jen
  • during the winter when the roads are iced up or snow covered I have lost control several times.
  • I did in ice and snow when I was a fairly new driver.
  • Yep... Snow and ice. Never had a bad wreck (blew out tires on a curb, but nothing worse) because of it, though.
  • Yessss...during a snowstorm I went off the road,cleared a ditch and ended up on a small hill.I still have neck problems because of it 24 years later.
  • snow... I was yerkin turns in a court covered in snow when my tires gripped and i hit a curb and ended up a few feet onto someones front lawn in the court... good fun for a teen really even at the price of re-aligning my tires and the years of taxes I paid for street sweeps to clean the little mark I left on the curb... I was nice about not treading on the lawn
  • Driving back to Montreal, going 120 kph with cruise control on (mistake...) in pouring, pouring rain, with very worn down tires (little to no threads) I hit a nice long puddle and went spinning end to end in the median. I mowed the long grass and reeds for a good distance and came to a stop, thankfully hitting nothing. Car was mechanically immaculate but you should have seen all the mud/grass :D

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