• Its hard to say. I would think a dingo is capable of eating a cat, but due to cats' great ability to defend themselves with vigor, its probably not worth most Dingo's while. Dingos like most predators will pick on easy targets, and the more desperate they are for food, the more likely they are to aim high, and go big. Overall I think it's not impossible that a dingo has eaten a cat before, but it would be a very rare event. Thats my best guess anyway. Cue the farmer guy stepping in with a story about he finds a dingo ravaged cat every second day :P. Very Unlikely though.
  • seriously, enough with the random dingo questions. they are wild dogs from Australia, they eat what they find, including your baby, and they don't make good pets.
  • If they're hungry and they catch one - they're gonna eat it.
  • Yes, if they were hungry enough they would eat just about anything.
  • Why dont you come here down under and find out for yourself!! they probably will - if there stupid enough to hang around.
  • Yes they will eat whatever they can catch.
  • Yes and Australia uses them to kill the feral cat population.
  • i would hope not

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