• coffee spill on my desk. what a pain that was to clean up. luckily, it didn't hit my keyboard or any papers that couldn't be replaced. Whew!
  • Spilled a bottle of blotter ink which ran all over my keyboard. That was pretty messy.
  • Well, this was a big mess - but it was easy to clean up. When I worked for a small grocery store, I was sweeping the floor late one evening. I happened to back into a five-foot high display of Lindt truffles - sending them flying all over the place. A customer walked in and said, "Did I miss the pinata?"
  • a long time ago I accidently dumped 7 cases of milk.Yep that was a huge mess.
  • 2.5 litres of sodium dried diethyl ether dropped on the floor resulting in a large fire. Fortunately no real damage done as good fire extinguishers were at hand!
  • Using one of those stupid copiers that requires you to dump toner from the container into the attached container in the copier. Toner everywhere. It is then that I learned toner cleans up easier when it is DRY... DO NOT WET IT TO GET IT OFF YOUR CLOTHES... it's ok to wash your hands, but just use compressed air to blow it off your shirt (you know those little cans for blowing off your keyboard).
  • I worked in a law firm and I shred an original of a Partner's will. I then reprinted it - had him sign it with a bunch of other papers and no one was the wiser. It would have been fatal to show him the shredded mistake.
  • i spill everything. I spilled coffee 5 times in 2 months. each time was all over important docs. To this day you can see coffee stains on contracts floating around here and you can bet your bottom that it was from me. Also I was told I couldn't have coffee on my desk and my boss got me this screw on coffee lid....I felt lame.
  • When refilling a water cooler, it slipped out of my hands, so I tried to recover and grab it. It spilled everywhere. In fact if I had just let it fall, it probably would of been half as bad. Luckily it was just water and it cleaned right up.
  • Stocking shelves at a Hardware store, when I was younger, I once decided that to save time I could place four cans of paint onto the shelf at the same time, holding two in each hand by the handles. I got the first two up, but then something happened. My fourth can must have been slightly off the shelf when I let go of it... Because almost instantly, the red and white floor transformed into an 'Eggshell White'. I decided not to push my luck with getting four cans onto the shelf at once and only tried three at once from then on.
  • I take calls as help desk and office guy come to me to ask for signature in the day of darkeness. As I always keep water bottle on desk, did not notice that I am so crack. to spell whole water bottle right on my vonage modem. All went in white smoke in modem. :( .. at that too before office boy. Getting worried what will happen next :(, if office boy is going to tell blab ala bla. to my manager
  • I didn't do this...but I heard about it. I worked in the IT department of a large corporation. There was a locked area where all the big computers that "ran" the company were located. Against the rules, someone brought a birthday cake into that area and put real candles on it. When they lit the candles, the sprinkler system went off ... shut down the entire corporation's computer system and the fire department came!! It was horrible! The company was at a standstill for hours!!!
  • I spilled a 10 gallon bucket of wet clay slop on my studio floor and then fell in it ;)

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