• George Walker Bush obsequiousness toward Saudis with alarming connections to the prestigious and wealthy Bin Laden family, is nothing new -- Both, then-president Bush Sr. and the current president, Bush Jr. have had personal and deep financial ties with King Fahd, and despite the Saudi government's potential ties to terrorists and September 11, George Walker Bush still calls the Saudis 'our friends' and Vice President Richard B. Cheney continues to dote on the Royal family. Saudi Arabia is home to vast oil fields and a wealthy monarchy, and it is also home to fifteen of the nineteen hijackers responsible for the attacks of September 11th, 2001. National security agents confirmed to BBC television that months prior to the September 11th events, George Walker Bush ordered FBI to 'back off' from investigating the Bin Ladens, and from any inquiries into Saudi Arabian financing of terror networks, especially if they touched on Saudi Royals and their retainers. Bush signed an Executive Order (W199I-WF-213589) to prevent the FBI from further investigating the Bin Laden family.
  • As the Boston Herald reported, a revolving U.S.-Saudi money wheel exists within President Bush's own coterie of foreign policy advisers. The current President's father is a senior adviser to the Carlyle Group, an investment bank with deep connections to the Saudi royal family, and received $1 million for his Presidential library from the Saudi royal family. George W. Bush himself is linked to the Saudi-backed Carlyle Group, he was a director of a Carlyle subsidiary called Caterair. And Vice President Cheney's tenure as CEO of oil giant Halliburton was among his dealings with firms connected to the Saudis that paid big dividends.
  • They didn't suggest in that film, they out and out proved it.

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