• Start at the beginning!
  • Depends on the type... Step one: have a list of ideas 2: outline plot or details 3: go for it!
  • arrange your ideas and write little notes.
  • I've started. I was prepared in soul. I can write, I know letters, some grammar and to express my ideas and emotions. I don't write story, but my life is writing - by the way. D
  • Get your ideas figured out, then write them down and decide what order they fit best in. Make sure you know what you are going to write before you write it or later down the track you could run into trouble with conflicting ideas.
  • In 'The Series Of Unfortunate Events' on the last book there a great suprise when Count Olaf actually tried saving one of the good women. What also is interesting is when the person in the book has been loving or caring, known, treated, helped another person say that person is a good man who cares about other people, if the main character finds out a terrible secret. Maybe that he killed someone that he dearly loved. Or it could be a mean, bad, unkind, unpleasent, bad mannered man who the main character finds out, did something very good lets say, and no-one appreciated it, so he gets angry. 1) Going into a store for about half an hour doing this one thing: SPY. You spy on people who buy books. Say they are picking books from the row next to the counter, you would say that is number 1, then 2 and so on. You keep track of which is the most popular section. Once you think enough people have come and gone, you see which section has had the most visitors, and you go to look on which books are in that section. 2) Go around your neighborhood asking friends,relatives, and normal people what kind of books they like. See which is the best and if 1) is the same as 2) then try that or if 1) has different results then 2) mix them up. 14 hours ago - Edit - Delete Source(s): If you want more i have lots! Just ask. Here is my yahoo and hotmail: H: Y: Writing a: How to write a story: for kids by kids
  • I'm still working on one. Will be forever, I'm sure. My advice is this: 1. It takes time. Commit to writing a bit every day and commit to writing the story to the end. Realize that it is actual work (albeit fun). 2. Daydream a LOT. Work out the story in your head first if you're one of thos people (like me) who often catch themselves doing this. 3. Write down all of your ideas (even while daydreaming.... that may be challenging, but I'm sure you'll work it out). 4. Don't get hung up on the little details. You will need them eventually, but if you stuck trying to describe the trouble-laden heroine of your story, you'll never get to the good parts (and probably never finish) - finish them later, just keep writing. 5. Write about your characters. What are they like, what do they look like, how do they move, what are their mannerisms and most importantly, why do they do what they do? Oh and, how to they change??? 6. Remember that your characters need to change by the end of the book. It doesn't have to be drastic, but that is usually more dramatic. Um... I'm sure I could come up with much more, but these are some tips to get you started.
  • After you have thought of the plot or subject matter you want to write about, you have to develop your own style. And never forget your target readers. They should be your primary consideration when you start writing. Think of how they would react or accept the book that you are writing. You may also check the following blog site about authors and the books that they publish:
  • Learn the rules for grammar, sentence & paragraph structure. Write what you want. Edit to make it better. Edit to make it better. Edit to make it better. Edit to make it better. If you get tired of editing, then you should proceed to edit to make it better.

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