• Who told you best friends are not supposed to fight? Friends often fight as much or more than non-friends, actually! Also, there's no "meant to be" with regard to being friends. If you like your friend, and she likes you, and you can get along... it's really up to the two of you to decide whether or not to be friends. It's not like there's some giant finger in the sky determining whether or not you should be friends. Probably if you're fighting over stupid things, you each want to be "dominant" in the friendship -- you each want to be the boss, basically. This would be something you should talk about together, and try to lighten up a little: you can have a laugh about it, about who wants to be the boss the most! It doesn't have to be a terrible and serious matter, just recognize that you both want to win, and tone it down a bit.
  • I've been married for probably more years than you've been alive and my wife is also my best friend. Yet we fight like cat and dog sometimes, but only because we don't share the same outlook on life and our professions have exposed us to different aspects of life. You probably don't fight, just disagree on some things. I would say that that is a good thing because you can express your opposing opinions without believing that this must make you enemies. Friendship is much more than sharing opinions, it's more about understanding that we can't impose our beliefs onto others. Imagine how boring it would be if all of your friends thought the same way that you do.
  • i just lost my bestfriend today.he said that we werent meant to be bestfriends. it hurts a lot. and i cant stop crying. he just stopped talking to me for a week and he say that we can only be close friends. i dont noe what i've done wrong. i was willing change and put my ego aside. he's to cruel. i understand how u feel.
  • "Best friends are not supposed to fight"? Where are you getting your ideas from? Some of my closest friends are the ones I've fought/argued with. You know what that proves? It proves that we're comfortable enough to be honest with each other about what we are really thinking. I have close friends who I don't fight with as well, but I'd say that I'm (for the most part) more comfortable with the ones that I HAVE fought with. I guess it's because we both know we can lose our cool on each other and then forget about it after. My vote goes to : IT'S NORMAL!

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