• Not this one. Actually, I admire them for being so brave. It's not easy to bare your body and soul in front of total strangers.
  • I asked a similar question not too long ago! I'm curious about that too. I know I wouldn't. I'd be awestruck if I met one. I'd have lots of questions to ask, respectfully of course.
  • I guess because they disagree with what they do and think that it defines them as a person. The way I see it we all have to get a paycheck some how, maybe I wouldn't choose that route, but hey, more power to 'em. They probably make more than me anyway. People get waaaay to tied up in pornography in our culture and act like it's the downfall of minkind.
  • Not me! I would never put down any of them. Unless I was putting them down on my very own mattress! Yeah, Baby!!
  • because of secret jealousy ...the ones who put down the loudest secretly wish they had the sex life.. the 44"tits or the 15"long slong thats as thick as a lump of 4x2 and can shoot 3 gallons of whipped cream and only wish they could suck a golf ball through a garden hose like they do on screen...nah the porn stars have it you know how much it stings when it hits you in the eye!!!:):):)
    • Linda Joy
      That's a load of crap!
    • Nosmo King
      Still a good answer though.
  • Because years of unbridled consumerism have led them to see sexuality as a commodity - and they're blinded by the inflation.
  • I don't - good for them. They're brave. As long as people are prepared to pay for something, we should screw money out of them.
  • .. because they can't get it "up" to that level ;)
  • It's a waste of life and be so gifted and blessed and not to have a clue.It is very sad.
  • penis envy. not all of us have big wanks, and not all of us can move that way. end of story. pure old fashion envy. That's all I gotta say about that. Forrest
  • Cause you can only carry them around just so long, eventually they begin to get heavy and you just got to put em down, at least for a while.
  • Many people dislike what they do. OK but I don't like ballet much but I wouldn't say they are evil or talentless (especially the male dancers they are nails-hard lol!). Just because I don't like something doesn't mean I should look down on those that do it. Besides as Mel Brooks said "If you've got it, flaunt it baby!". Be that intelligence, musical talent or a desirable physique. I think porn stars are pretty honest. You'd have to be. I personally find "pop stars" that use their influence to sell crap to kids to be more well... whorish to be perfectly honest. That I do object to quite strongly, that is prostitution. Selling your assets for sexual purposes is in my opinion fine and dandy. Maybe it is technically prostitution but real prostitution is celebrities hocking crap for a quick buck. Providing you want to of course and are not doing it under pressure etc and even then it is not the performers problem but those that exploit them.
  • That don't understand it, they think it is dirty, obscene. If everyone did'nt have clothes on all the the time I think it would be accepted. It's the I wonder what he or she looks like with no clothes on question. People don't realize it, but it's soap opera's without clothes on.
  • Because they wish they were having that much sex and making that much money.
  • more expensive if you hold them up??? maybe???
  • It's no way to make a living. :( That you have to sell your body.
  • Cuz they keep showing the wrong angle, they really should be bitching at the directors but porn stars could speak up every now and then. A lot of the times the moaning is just too obviously overacted, might as well just be quiet.
  • Yea, well i guess having sex for money is an excellent way to make a living. Selling your body for quick cash is sorry.
  • Probably because they are jealous that they whore around and get STDs and porn stars get cash;)
  • I have no idea as to why people put them down I actually feel pity for them. If people REALLY knew what goes on in the mind of a pron star they would shed tears. I know a few ex porn stars and what you see is nothing more than an act.
  • Because their jealous that their not getting paid to do it.
  • Cause they want it to stop ...simple :)
  • Because they are dirty and have no self respect.
  • Because they think their moral is spotless.:-) If it's not the body,the mind can be full of flaws.Right?
  • In order to have sex with them. They put them down in a bed.
  • "Heres the thing, do we as human's have sex? Does that mean we have no self respect? Obviously most of us have good self respect. I understand what you are saying. Its just what makes their job any different than the office person, or the delivery guy. We all do some type of work we choose and they choose that type. I can see the dirty part as "fooling around" with lots of people that is skanky and alot of diseases can come from it. But i dont think we as people should judge someone and call them names being they ahve a heart just as anyone else does." Dumbest shit i've read in a while. So is it okay if I fucked ur mother? or had sex with ur sister long as they enjoyed it? you probably dont have a sex life and watch porn all day i can see it .
  • I don't. I know how hard they work.
  • Jealousy, I should imagine.
  • Give me a reason why they should be praised or given any other status, higher than a prostitute?
  • People who put down porn stars are jealous because they can`t go down on porn stars.
  • Maybe because they think that if they were to 'marry' one for life, the woman/man might be too lax for their own sexual pleasures... Not to cause any trouble or prejudice or any 'speaking down' but is there really a difference between the virgin and the experienced woman's vagina?? But I guess the experienced men wouldn't be able to differentiate too much, right?? Experienced men might only be used to experienced women's vaginas.. So I guess they might all 'feel' the same??
  • Many people are puritanical. Abrahamic religions demonize the body and its functions as part of a huge guilt trip. People in my homeland are more accepting of the body and of porn stars.
    • Linda Joy
      not true. We are made in His image.
  • Most of those who disagree with porn stars are those who have been indoctrinated with church lies that make sex outside of marriage is a death dealing sin. Although I am a very strong Christian I have learned the truth about sex and the enjoyment there of. There is nothing wrong with premarital sex or even extra marital sex with partners permission. the Lord God gave us sex as a pleasure and enjoyment. Why would a loving God give us sex and make it pleasurable then call it a sin. The church made sex a sin because they make money for indulgence sin forgiveness.
  • Because they would rather put it up them, if they weren't so shy
  • On her knees? Well....that's fine. Or on all fours.
  • cause they dont believe in doing it
  • Jealousy.
  • I don't think they're any worse than politicians or drug dealers. Why do people put them down? They're just doing a job for money! I don't think they're any worse than whores who don't get filmed. You know, when you think about it hit men are just doing a job for money, too! Sure the family suffers, but that's true with porn as well. Its destroyed many families and hurts them far worse than if they had just died with dignity. Before you try and argue statistics show "Divorce rates double when people start watching porn" I don't put them down. I'd like to lift them up. I'm sad they don't realize their true value and treat themselves accordingly and demand others do as well.
  • I don't put them down, however being a parent myself, I certainly would not be bragging about my adult kid doing porn. Not only that, but STD's and all that nasty stuff. Yes, they (hopefully) use protection, but still... there is no shame in having a 9-5 job, and no shame in struggling to learn to make ends meet.

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