• If you wish to include US citizen then I believe Ashok Prasad shoudl be the msot educated person -he is a US citizen but not living there at present! ref:
  • Robert McGee, an accounting department head at Florida International University. Twelve earned doctorates in fields as diverse as philosophy, accounting, economics, law, politics, and finance. He also holds degrees in social sciences and taxation. He's written over 50 books and over 450 scholarly articles. He speaks several languages and has worked all over the world. Over a dozen professional ceritifications, including CPA and membership in the nation's toughest bar: New York. All this in addition to full time duties as an academic.
  • Well, no person can answer this because no person, to my current knowledge knows everyone in the United States. However, the most education person in United States would be anyone who knows that education is a tool used to bring awareness and broaden one's thinking. Anyone that knows education promotes tolerance, reasoning, and understanding and tries to use whatever knowledge they have to benefit society should be considered the most education person not just in the U.S. but world. There is not just one most education person but many because we all have different attributes and talents we can contribute to the world.

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