• Yes...
  • Of course. Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations. That includes muslim nations.
  • Only if you want back in boxes.
  • I seem to recall a few South Koreans visiting Afghanistan recently, that will now disagree with this practise. I find it all a little hypocritical as well. How would it go over if an Iman were to head into the American Bible belt and start trying to recruit followers of Islam. I imagine not very well. I don't understand why missionaries wish to martyr themselves. They're forgetting that should they become hostages, they aren't just endangering themselves...they are endangering diplomatic relations (if any) and most certainly those people that will be tasked with trying to get them out.
  • Short and simple, hell no. It's not right to force your religion on other people. I believe in god, but have no religion, and I hate when people try to force their religion on me.
  • Your question is poorly phrased. Who are "we" that are doing the sending? Furthermore, to which Islamic countries do you refer? If someone (or a group of someones) wish to go to wherever and try to convince people of the greatness of Jesus, I hope that they go and that the people they meet do not mistreat them. Heck, they show up on my door frequently and I'm even less likely to listen to them than many Muslims...;-D... OTOH, it should not be the policy of the US (or any other) government to coerce anyone to do this, nor to sponsor or unusually protect anyone who does. If these missionaries wish to take on the risk of going to politically unstable regions and potentially becoming dead or a hostage, that's their prerogative. But they shouldn't expect the military to come running to their rescue when the Wahabbists decide to behead them.
  • What gives you the right to do that?
  • Only if they come with body bags and return to country of origin postage as well.
  • I never realized Islamic countries were so dangerous. Everyone seems to think stepping foot in one is grounds to be executed and shipped home in a box.
  • ugh goodness no, dont those people suffer enough
  • if they want to go let them. but when i was a catholic, i did have an issue with missionaries. i didn't like the idea of shoving my religion down someone else's throats. and don't get me wrong i know not all missionaries are like that, but somehow i don't think anybody that says "your religion is wrong" will ever go over nicely, no matter how pretty you make it sound. . so again. if they want to go let them. but if they get the same shit that non christian religions get in predominant christian areas, it's to be expected, unfortunately
  • Who are "we" and do "we" want to see those people ever again?
  • No I don't think they'd like that. Seriously.
  • If a missionary is to be sent, their duty is not to force their religion on those who don't share that religion. The duty of a missionary should be to present their religion only, just sharing what they believe and telling how it has changed their own life. The people have the right to choose to follow the presented religion from their own free will. The missionary's job is to make known their religion, not force it. Because somebody can't believe something they don't know about.
  • I think that it would be up to the missionary to decide if they want to go. If they decide they want to go and arrange it to happen, I see no reason not to let them. I think that the missionary would have to have an understanding in what they were getting into and would have to at least have a base understanding of Arabic and the cusoms of the country they are going to, but the thing about our free will and freedom is that, we can do it if we want to. I don't think it should be forced, but I think it wouldn't be a big deal to allow it to happen at the missionary's discretion.
  • I am amazed at the way people look at things purely from the missionary's point of view, that he/she will be in danger or might be killed. If they are involved in charitable work, that is commendible. However, many are not and are just there to spread the word and convert. Do they ever think of the danger they are putting people in when they try to convert or 'recruit'? Every time a missionary approaches anyone in Islamic countries they are putting that person at risk, whether they are muslim or christian. The moment they walk into a home or befriend anyone that home and the person they befriended are 'tainted' in the eyes of the local population. They instill fear by association. Why they do it, I do not understand. Why not leave people alone and to their own beliefs instead of putting others at risk? Do their charity work if they must. But leave it at that.
  • whats good for the goose is good for the gander
  • Why not? They send Islamic fundamentalists to educate us about Islam.
  • If the choice for them is to ring my doorbell or go to Islamic countries, then I say SEND EM!
  • Sure, we should. I'm sure their women would love to walk around without veils, men and women have so many restrictions, omg, they would feel liberated, plus learn to speak good English too.
  • Religion is something Personal and is between the person and his own beliefs,,so i guess leave everybody alone..and let them decide their own path..
  • Yes, It would help to convert Islamics Into Christians, but It would be very difficult to convert them, since most Islamics have their own beliefs of seeing things.
  • NO, we should leave those people alone to be who they want to be. But it is Christian doctrine to try and convert everybody and here in lies a problem. I am not a Christian and am pissed off when in any way I am preached to or someone tries to convert me.
  • Wow, this is SUCH a presumptuous question: 1) What do you mean "we"? Like it is an entire country's decision to send missionaries? 2) What do you mean "send"? Like missionaries should be forcibly shipped off? 3) There are already Christian missionaries in every Islamic country, except perhaps Saudi Arabia (I wouldn't know) 4) You can't just send missionaries to a country anyway. The country has to be willing to accept them.
  • Colonialism at its best. no you shouldnt, its not up to any country no matter how pig headed they may be to choose any other countries religion.
  • What, me and you? No, I don't fancy it.
  • Only if they come here too. Then everyone could have a fundamentalist "Happy Fizzies Party"! ;-)

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