• I try to do things as they need to be done. Don't want to spend my entire weekend trying to catch up.
  • I have 3 young children, so there are sometimes when I need to mop RIGHT NOW. I try to throw a load of laundry in every night and keep up with the minor stuff during the week, but otherwise as much as possible gets left for the weekend. By the time I work all day and come home and make supper and we get homework and bath's done, there is not much time (or energy) left to do most major things.
  • I try to do as much as I can every day but most gets left until the weekend!
  • Daily and a saturday i take sundays off and i never cook over the weekend they fend for themselves.
  • I wish I could clean everyday, however I'm always on the go, I do what I have to during the wk and get major cleaning on the wk end. UUG!!!!!!! Today is the day!!!!!!:)
  • we clean once a week but some things we do daily.
  • I don't do anything each day other than tidy up the kitchen. I do have generally regular chores done on certain days of the week but I I'm flexible. The kitchen is what grabs our attention because I guess it gets used the most and is capable of producing the most mess. I do feed the birds, filling the feeders every other day. That's a regular thing.
  • I have a large house, so if I don't do some maintainance daily, it can quickly become overwhelming. I break it up in groups - dusting and vacuuming one day, bathrooms, the next, kitchen and bedrooms...etc. with some things that have to be done everyday - dishes....etc. However, being an artist, I do have to have studio time, so the schedule is flexible. There are also times I blow off housework just to play with my daughter. The housework isn't going anywhere, but my daughter wanting to spend time with her mom has a definite shelf life and will end all too soon.
  • Since I've become a SAHM I do everything daily. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. It never seems to stay clean.
  • Daily. It bothers me to leave anything dirty for longer than a day.
  • I have my daily routine of tidying around the house but the big clean up is normally on Saturday ....but washing is done 3 times aweek
  • Why wait till the weekend, why when I can't find a clean plate I gather them all up and wash some. Only reason I don't wash them more frequently is because of all this stuff on the floor. I mean here's a BIG pile of newspapers to recycle and I gotta move them and...Wow! There's the vacuum cleaner. Wonder what it was doing under those papers. So I best go outside and approach the sink from the back door. Except I don't have any clothes to wear, I had some clean ones once, I know I did. Well, I can probably make it without offending the neighbors, the grass is so high they will never even see me and if they do they'll just call me and say they saw some kinda dirt colored shaggy thing in my yard. No, wait, the phone bill, I was gonna pay it, I think its under those plates in the sink. As for childbirth, that's something I would really rather put off till the last minute, or brtter yet hire somebody to do it for me.
  • Im a total clean freak...Friday night was my housework night when I blitzed the house.....then I found AB!!! I have a cleaner now.....just joking Im still a clean freak I just have to get up a bit earlier :)
  • I straighten up everyday, do dishes, etc., but the dusting/hoovering/mopping of floors is all done on the weekends; usually Saturday.
  • I work 6 days a week so I must do some of it every day. The one day I have off is for running errands and shopping for groceries and napping.

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