• There is absolutely no doubt about it. The same people that do that also have cliques of friends that they contact so that they can gang up. It's more than kinda funny - it's hilarious, yet pathetic. The strangest thing is that you can normally tell who it is that started it. I can't help feeling sorry for people who take things so seriously.
  • Yeah I agree. Yesterday I got five consecutive DRs. Even Highlander wondered why I got a - 3 for my answer to his question. But don't let such people get into your nerves storm. =)
  • They have lost sight of what this site is all about....sad that they get a thrill out of wasting all that time and effort instead of having some fun:)))
  • I think it a display of useless energy, and vindictive for doing it without an explanation. For me, wild guess here, but I think it comes from the same person. It doesn't bother me though, it just shows their ignorance. If you cannot make a positive contribution, then leave all well alone.
  • Yes, I agree, it is a shame when people DP others for no reason at all. It is pathetic and ruins the fun for others.
  • Yes. I really wonder where's the satisfaction in those people doing so. If only they would use the (bad) energy spent on that in favor of more constructive pursuits...
  • I would think they could find something more constructive to do then to keep playing around with other members. If they took this time and worked on their own personality then perhaps they would not feel the need to be disruptive to others. I am sorry you are having to deal with such childish behavior and hope it ends soon.
  • I cannot believe this. All this just for me?
  • It probably does happen. However, I think your attitude towards this whole thing isn't a good one to have. Why give them the attention they want? Why give them attention at all? It's okay if you disagree with me. I just don't think they should have the satisfaction of knowing they were able to "get to you" to the point that you had to pretend that they actually care about you so much that they are willing to give you constant attention. It sounds to me like these people that Answerbaggers tend to call "trolls" work overtime to piss people off, . . . and it works. Why do a large portion of Answerbaggers let the attitude of "trolls" get to them? Why? That's the real question that should be asked (in my opinion).
  • I know for a fact that it's true. This happened all of the time back when I was a regular on Yahoo Answers...and some of those trolls have slithered over here and have done the same. They clone legit users and/or ask baited questions just so they can DR anyone who answers.
  • sorry but need some help wht does "DR" you mean?
  • Yes it does happen and not just to me . The other night somebody went to all the trouble of opening a new account just to give one nasty answer to a question I asked. So they do not like me. SO WHAT? I really feel sad for people that seem to me to have completely lost the plot when they get so wired about a stranger on a website.
  • I know for a fact that people do that, as well as trying to get past being put in the Penalty Box. There are just some sad people out there.
  • It's flattering really.
  • yes or to go on and flag your questions. silly sad people.:-)+
  • OMG! thats awful! who would do such a thing?!

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