• Yes, if you didn't desire to have children, then there is nothing missing.
  • If I couldn't have them I would have to adapt to that fact, but I hope I will because I want them.
  • yes, but I would rather have kids anyway
  • Of course. Just because you don't have or desire to become a parent doesn't mean that you can't be happy or lead a fulfilling life. Being a parent is a life long commitment. It's not for everyone.
  • Absolutely.
  • This may be possible for others, but not me. I could not imagine myself being complete without my family. I will always be loved and will never be alone on this world. When I'm gone, the best part of me will survive.
  • yes i think you can. however i truely believe that you can not experience the emotion of unconditional love until you have a child and me personally would not have wanted to miss out on this...hence why i am a very happy mum to a 6 yr old....but everyone is different and its not like you are going to miss that feeling because you don't realise what its like until you have children.
  • Yes. Some people don't have the patience or desire to raise children and are happy that way.
  • i take it from this question that you do not have any children?....well simply ask yourself...are you happy and do you have a full life
  • I don't think you have to have kids to have a full life. Personally, I needed kids to complete me. I have always loved kids... I wish I could have a lot more kids, but my 2 little critters will have to suffice.
  • I don't think I can. There are many people I know however that are quite happy without children. There are some that have no desire for children and naturally have no drive to create them. These people find happiness elsewhere.
  • I'd sure like to find out...anyone want to take mine off my hands! lol Really, my sister has no kids and is perfectly happy. We're all quite happy she has no kids! lol Some people are just better off without, and there is nothing at all wrong with that!
  • hey Highlander... you sort of asked this question before but my stance hasn't changed.... i am not that patient and just not responsible enough to be a good parent... that is why hubby and i have cats instead of children... trust me.. it's just better this way
  • I am thinking hard about it. I love children, but I do not think that I have the patience.Maybe, when I find my soulmate, I will be able to answer that question thoroughly.
  • For me personally, I couldn't imagine my life without my children, how dull and boring it would be! I don't think I could have a full life without them.
  • Yes. It isn't what I would prefer, but yes I think so.
  • It's in the person's wishes that counts. One who really wants children would feel the need to have children, to have a full life. But if you're like me--one who does not dream of child-rearing--it is quite possible to live a full life without children in the picture.
  • I'm asking myself the same question. I'm 43, never married, no kids, lots of pets, own my own business and in a stable, committed relationship with someone of the very same background...only a year older. I love my family. My mother died 10 years ago. She was my best friend. I think I'd like to have a daughter so I can have a relationship with her like I had with my mom. But, I know there are no guarantees. I'd like to leave a legacy. And, then, this may sound silly, but who am I going to leave my mother's things to? I have all nephews. Regarding my pets, I consider that unconditional love, too. However, I just experienced losing my little kitty of 19 years. I am grieving terribly right now, so I'm very confused. Long answer, I know.
  • Yes :)
  • I never thought about it before I fathered a child. I think I would have missed so many great experiences if I didn't have a child.

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