• Nobody in town has been charged with suicide in a while. There's a law that every high school and college is supposed to supply courses in the Constitution for each year, that's routinely not done. Laws against police brutality, those ones are not too strictly enforced. Hm ... underage drinking, especially for rich kids. Or did you mean stuff like eating peanuts while walking backward, or shooting at whales from a moving plane?
  • 1. Completely tinted windows on your vehicles. Law allows for up to 12 inches of tint alot of vehicles are fully covered. 2. Wearing of Seat belt -- only occasionally enforced 3. Fishing permits -- required to fish 4. Hunting license -- required to hunt
  • I hear the drinking-and-driving law technically also applies to soda pop. It was passed after lobbying by insurance companies, who noted that accidents occur when people are drinking soda pop, or anything else, while driving.
  • Driving while speaking on a cell phone. Nobody gets stopped for that. Eating and drinking while driving. Failure to yield or stop at stop signs. Disturbing the peace.
  • A lot. Speeding and other stuff. Distrubing the peace.
  • I've always wondered how there can be hookers, just standing by the same bit of road, every night... Toronto surely has laws against prostitution... but it doesn't appear to be enforced. . Mary Jane also walks free on the streets. . Toronto is VERY strict on parking, however.
  • Too many laws and too many to list but laws are not enforced because no one can prevent you from committing a crime. Violators are punished dependent upon resources and which laws are deemed most important. Enforcement is a misnomer.
  • Animal control.
  • Noise ordinances are not enforced here off campus in Shippensburg, Pa and I bet you will notice the same problems nationwide at other off-campus environments as well. I have complained over 25 times to the police who come out and stop the noise but it just continues the next day. Called the noise ordinance officer and all she says is "well you shouldnt move close to the campus-- the landlord rents to kids", and the landlord, who promised me a quiet environment and whose own online lease stipulates no loud parties-wont enforce anything either becuase he wants to pocket his rent money and keep the majority happy- not the minority (I'm one of the few older tenants who live here) -- so its been VERY bad. I have finally had to get an attorney to enforce the law for me-- its been so bad I had to drop from classes because I could not sleep or focus on my school work and it was so bad I was even placed on meds for stress-related illness from it. So as you can imagine--- I'be been through holy HECK because no one will enforce anything. I am likely getting labled through it all as a whiner- when in reality all I want is for someone to enforce the laws so I can sleep and live a good quality life. Sure they may be immature kids, but how will they learn if they are not disciplined or taught to respect others? Not much you can do when people are lazy or do not want the paperwork involved in citing or a multitude of other reasons ... and then for all the complaining and calling the police I have suffered severe retaliation as a result from the neighbors which makes it all the worse... including vandalism, walking into my home, death threats and the like. I just dont know what to do. Am trying to get out my lease AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and move from here. Wish me luck, folks.
  • Making sure that boy racers dont go tearing through the village like it's a dual carriageway! I almost got knocked off my bike once, and did they do anything, NO!

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