• Ignorance all the way. Some knowledge might be used for less than noble purposes but that's another story.
  • Ignorance...
  • Knowledge
  • Ignorance
  • Ignorance.
  • Ignorance parading as knowledge.
  • An insatiable desire for knowlege by ignoramuses that parade as clever people!
  • In the book of Hosea, about the 4th chapter it says, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... There, *dusting hands off* that should answer that one. VGQ+ -Buddy
  • Dangerous knowledge in the hands of the dangerously ignorant.
  • Knowledge in the hands of an ignorant person ...
  • Knowledge without wisdom and Ignorance without opportunity to change.
  • As they say "A little learning is a dangerous thing."
  • Weapons in the hands of the ignorant. I've always appreciated this quote: "I do not fear any nation that gathers nuclear weapons, I fear the man who only seeks one, for he intends to use it"
  • Ignorance, by it's nature of being the foundation for bigotry,hatred of things or people of which it has no knowledge.It is counter to the evolution of invention and thought which is necessary for a society to grow and prosper,providing opportunity for humanity to better the lot of those in need.While some may say we are doing a poor job in many countries of being a good steward of the planet that discounts all the amazing things that society has and will achieve in the future. Teach to read,not read to,feed the mind!
  • Out of the two, ignorance.
  • The biggest threat to the status quo in society is knowledge. Knowledge changes society. However, ignorance is the biggest threat to the members of the society. It propogates sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.
  • Ignorance is unavoidable because no one knows everything and even collectively, we all know only a fraction of what there is to discover. Yet willful ignorance of what can be known and love of ignorance is is a major threat to society as well as to the individual. Knowledge may be inconvenient and troubling, but it is also liberating and life-enhancing.
  • the biggest threat would be showing ignorance in using the well achieved knowledge properly for the betterment of the society .
  • This is one of those questions, which came first, the chicken or the egg. I think there is such a thing as too much knowledge, and maybe along side that too much ignorance of that knowledge. Hand in hand, getting too far in some very wrong ways, and being ignorant of the same ways that get us in trouble yet provide so many miracles. We never seem to see when we should travel sideways with something good, but keep going forward and hurting the good. It's usually always for money. So, maybe a little intended ignorance isn't always dumb.
  • Well in the movie the matrix they say ignorance is bliss, and if you have knowledge sometimes you may wish you didnt so you would not know how bad you have it.
  • Apathy. Knowledge without action is no different than not acting because of ignorance. There should be an ongoing discussion about priorities in this country, and the National Budget should reflect those priorities, but it ain't happening. And the one action that we can be most proud of and that would help keep our politicians honest (if that's possible) and on tract is voting. But how many of us are doing it, even after the 2000 election where just a few votes determined the outcome (every vote DOES count)?
  • Knowledge is needed to solve problems. Ignorance is a powerful cause of self-destruction and destruction to others.
  • Ingoranance, particulary in people who think they are knowledgeable.
  • Ignorance for sure
  • Ignorance is a bigger threat in society because it is problematic among people and causes conflict. Knowledge is the opposite of threat because knowledge is freedom of using the brain for personal use.
  • Ignorance. Lack of education
    • 11stevo73
      why do you support border invaders majority of them have little education?

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