• You need to know a .NET language - for example VB.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET - but there are loads available so you can probably find a .NET compiler for any language you wish to use. See for more information.
  • If you are developing a web application then you must have knowledge of VB.Net/C#.Net, HTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS And if you are developing a Desktop Applications then: VB.Net/C#.Net, XML sufficient.... Resource:
  • Your Know either or along with database
  • your must know the either or,html,database concepts and
  • You have to know with or with, html for design and for database sqlserver or oracle or msaccess etc.... It is better if you have knowledge on c,c++........
  • first U have knowledage in programming then after u learn either C#.Net or and for web applications with Database
  • English would be a good start :P

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