• I love it! It is my brewing method of choice, producing a rich, creamy cup of coffee! The down-side is cleaning up :(
  • I LOVE French press coffee. However, studies indicate that unfiltered coffee can raise cholesterol levels, so I quit using mine.
  • Yes I do it is quick and easy and effective.
  • I don't really understand what you mean, but I think this must be what we call a cafetiere - you put coffee grounds into a jug, pour on hot water, pause and push down a plunger. If that's it it is much easier and quicker than our other coffee machine, with its steam pipe, etc.
  • Yes I do. I love the flavor. It is much less bitter and full flavored this way. But you have to be careful not to over boil your water. If your water is really boiled hard, it kills some of the taste.
  • I do have one but I don't use it that often. I like my regular old electric coffee pot, it makes a lot more coffee to.

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