• yes, losing power and support. i for one am tired of george w, and many are tired of his "war on terrorism" im not voting for hillary though
  • Yes, I definitely do. He'd had a limited amount of power all along, and he didn't really use it when he did have it, very much. But I think he's becoming very lame ducky, and the only way to stop that is for some major catastrophe to happen, and I don't think any of us want that!
  • No I think he is fully aware of his power and uses it as much as possible.
  • George Walker Bush is not a lame duck, he is just a lame excuse for a president, and that has been true since January 20, 2001
  • He's a classic example of a lame duck since both the House and Senate are in the opposite party's hands. He can't get any of his party's legislation through Congress, but can stand in the way of the other party's agenda by way of Presidential veto.
  • A lame duck and lamer Commander in Chief

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